Tigers 6-8th Grade Science


Research tiger facts here:  https://bigcatrescue.org/tiger-facts/


1.  Which tiger subspecies are extinct?
2.  How has human behavior impacted the tiger population?
1.  Why would white tigers never survive in the wild?
2.  How long do tigers live in sanctuaries versus the wild?
3. How can this difference be explained?
For an extra challenge:  Discuss the merits of life in the wild versus life in captivity.



1.  What behavioral adaptations do tigers display?
2.  What physical adaptations aid in the tiger’s survival?

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  • Levi Holden

    I like the tigers video I want to go there but I don't know were it is.

  • Lisa Lien

    I LOVE ANIMALS and I have bin studying then since 3 grade, in 8 th grade almost 9th, but the closest I have got is surching them online and rarely going to the zoo. and I have seen Big Cat Rescue on youtube I don't know how many time. and I wish I chould go to Big Cat Rescue some day. but idk I'm in the north. ):


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