Tigers 9-12th Grade Science

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Read about the tiger at http://bigcatrescue.org/tiger.htm

Siberian tigers have yellowish, thick fur.  Bali tigers have brighter and shorter fur. In one species of tiger, the gene for yellowish fur is dominant while the gene for reddish-orange fur is recessive.  A male with yellowish and a female with yellowish fur produce a female offspring with reddish-orange fur.  Which most likely describes the genes of the parent tigers?

  1. Both parents carry the recessive gene
  2. The male parent carries the recessive gene but the female parent does not
  3. The female parent carries the recessive gene but the male parent does not
  4. Neither parent carries the recessive gene; the reddish-orange fur was a spontaneous mutation

Biomass is the mass of living tissue found in living organisms (not water)  For example, a human weighing 100 kilograms would only have 30 kilograms of biomass per meter squared because 70% of their mass is water.  In a marsh in a Sumatra ecosystem, the weight of the biomass was calculated :

Primary           Primary            Secondary        Tertiary
Producer         Consumer         Consumer         Consumer
809 grams       37 grams          11 grams          1.5 grams
per Meter2      per Meter2        per Meter2       per Meter2

According the the numbers above, which trophic level would have the SMALLEST percentage of the total biomass?

      • Primary producer
      • Primary consumer
      • Secondary Consumer
      • Tertiary Consumer


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