Tigers are starving to death – won’t you help?

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I sent this to every Mexican senator (found online at http://www.senado.gob.mx/legislatura.php?ver=direcnuevo) as well as all the news agencies and TV/media outlets on the resource page originally provided.  It is indefensible that these animals have been caged and starving for 4 years while waiting for administrative/regulatory issues to be solved in Mexico.


From: Julie Hanan  
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 10:26 PM
To: ‘bzavalap@pan.senado.gob.mx’
Subject: Tigers are starving to death – won’t you help?


For over a year, humane rescue organizations have been negotiating with the Mexican government to rescue and relocate 7 tigers held in abhorrent conditions at Pepe’s restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. The Cancun tigers still languish and desperately await rescue, slowly starving since Hurricane Wilma ravaged Cancun FOUR YEARS AGO. 


In case you aren’t aware, when the Hurricane hit the restaurant, the owner left the animals behind to fend for themselves.  In the aftermath, some of the animals had escaped… some had died… but a number of bruised and battered animals were found still alive in their rickety jail-like cells.


When Pepe returned, he had no money to rebuild the restaurant, nor care for the animals.  Yet, instead of finding someone to help him, or someone who would take the animals in, Pepe chose to let the animals sit in their decaying environment. With no money, Pepe has spent the last four years feeding the animals whatever he could find, while also depending on the animals to supplement their food supply by catching stray animals that mistakenly pass through their cages.  Many of the animals go for long periods without any food whatsoever, and all suffer from a serious lack of medical attention.


All of the animals show signs of obvious neglect, and one particular female tiger has a medical issue that forces her to move about while dragging one of her rear legs behind her.  The animals are forced to survive by drinking stagnant water, and eating next to nothing.  It’s an unhealthy and dangerous environment… and they need to be rescued right away!


Won’t you please reconsider your position on this situation and push for their immediate rescue since the circumstances are even more dire now?  I, and so many other American citizens, will not be able to include Cancun in our vacation plans knowing this is being allowed.  I’m afraid it will definitely put a black eye on Mexican tourism, especially for animal lovers.


On Tuesday, September 15th, 2009, officials from the Mexican Wildlife Department (PROFEPA) met with representatives at LCA (Last Chance for Animals), TWAS (The Wild Animal Sanctuary) and GEPDA ( Gente Por La Defensa Animal) and stated that they had received a significant amount of input from the public — both in Mexico and the United States — concerning their sudden cancellation of the rescue mission. Though the rescue had previously been approved, authorities revoked their approval and proposed moving the animals from the restaurant and transporting them to temporary holding facilities near Mexico City, where they would be kept until legal proceedings concluded.

Representatives from LCA, TWAS and GEPDA expressed concern over this revised plan which would put the tigers at great risk of injury, illness, trauma and distress. Additionally, holding them in temporary cages for months, in multiple facilities around Mexico City while court cases drag on, would only compound their suffering. They also added that the animals would be far better served if officials would go back to the original rescue plan, allowing the tigers to be immediately rescued and transported (flown by Jet Aircraft to Colorado) to their final destination (TWAS) and not be subjected to arduous road trips, and months — or possibly years — in temporary cages. PROFEPA once again rejected their humane rescue plan with disregard for the ultimate welfare of the animals… and driven by their desire to minimally satisfy the public’s demand to help.

Please hasten the immediate rescue of these animals.


For more info, please go to www.SaveTheCancunTigers.com : http://www.pr-inside.com/images/icons/link.gif.






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