Tigers get a new playmate at animal farm

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Tigers get a new playmate at animal farm

Friday, July 17, 2009, 14:21

Female tigers Kushkja and Tira have a new playmate at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – a two-year-old male tiger called Tanvir.

The young male, which originates from two white Bengal tigers and is easily recognisable because of his light colouring, arrived today.

The three will all live together in the Tiger Territory, but have separate dens.

The pitter patter of cub feet will soon be hear in the enclosure as heavily pregnant Tira is due to give birth in the next few weeks.

Visitors will be able to watch the birth live on the tiger webcam.

Head keeper Chris Wilkinson said: “A tiger’s strength is colossal and has five times the strength of a trained human athlete.

To ensure the new webcam was Tiger proof its covering has been made with the same material as police riot shields.

“It was also tested beforehand by smashing it several times with a sledge hammer.

“Tira is becoming restless and she is looking quite big so we are expecting the birth to happen within a month”.

Visitors can see the animals from open air viewing platforms which are at eye level with the Tiger’s 15 ft high basking platforms.

“This, as well as the huge viewing windows into the tiger’s indoor space, will allow visitors to get up-close to the big cats whilst remaining at a safe distance.”

The enclosure is to be sustainably led with harvested rain water used for the tiger ponds.

Continuously recycling the tiger pond water and not putting it straight back into the drainage system makes the zoo more eco-friendly and contribute towards sustainable conservation.



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