Tigers in Cancun Abandoned by Mexican Officials

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Tigers in Cancun Abandoned by Mexican Officials

CANCUN, Mexico, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ — If cats have nine lives, then eight Tigers in Cancun are at the end of theirs! The Tigers’ story began dismally and has gotten worse since Hurricane Wilma raced across the Yucatan four summers ago.

Pepe’s Restaurant in Cancun featured exotic animals like Tigers and Jaguars displayed in concrete and steel cages where diners could view them. Then Hurricane Wilma hit and Cancun – and Pepe’s restaurant was decimated. Some of the animals perished, some escaped, and some were found just barely alive in rickety jail-like cells.

After the storm, Pepe returned, but had no money to rebuild, nor care for the animals. He allowed them to sit in their decaying environment. Since 2005, the Tigers have barely survived, drinking stagnant water and eating the meager amount of food Pepe provides.

Medical care? There is none! The declining health of the animals is compounded by obvious neglect. One Tiger moves by dragging her rear legs behind her, often sitting in her own feces and urine.

For a year, The Wild Animal Sanctuary (a 30-year old nonprofit refuge for captive exotic large carnivores) northeast of Denver, CO, has worked with Last Chance for Animals (CA) and Gente Por La Defensa Animal (Mexico), to secure the Tigers’ release.

TWAS and its animal welfare partners worked with the Mexican government to rescue and relocate the Tigers to their 320-acre facility in Colorado, where they’ll receive exceptional diets, loving rehabilitation, spacious living habitats, and the urgent medical care they need. Mexican officials recently revoked Pepe’s permits and scheduled the rescue date in early September. TWAS and its partners put the logistics in motion to rescue the animals, including chartering a cargo jet to transport the tigers to Colorado.

On September 3rd, however, Mexican officials aborted the rescue. Now the Tigers are in even more danger – as Pepe has pledged to kill them or leave them alone to die a slow and agonizing death!

TWAS, LCA and GEPDA are mounting a campaign to convince the Mexican government to reinstate the rescue, asking people to contact US and Mexican Officials to bring swift resolution to the desperate plight of the Cancun Tigers. To help, contact: www.SaveTheCancunTigers.com.

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