Tiger’s murderer close to setting up animal park in Polk County

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Please help prove that Lex Salisbury is not indestructible…..For those who may not remember, he is the former Lowry Park Zoo president who was called back to the zoo (he was on his way to the private theme park he was already secretly developing) and shot and killed Enshala, a tiger who innocently wandered through an open gate.

Despite an “extensive history of lawlessness” (according to ARFF), he now seems to be close to making his private venture, Safari Wild, a reality.  He has thumbed his nose at legal and regulatory issues, violations abound concerning this animal tourist attraction and its development in sensitive, environmentally protected areas.  Yet, little has been done to shut him down.

Once again, it remains up to all of us to appeal to the state NOT to allow this theme park to open.  It will have a huge negative impact on animals, as well as our land.  He will be displaying cheetahs and other big cats.

You can watch last night’s NBC news coverage & comment on it at: http://www2.tbo.com/video/2009/oct/15/state-decides-fate-of-safari-wild-74954/video-news/

Then, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, email your objections to the state using the following email addresses:

Carol Wehle, Executive Director – South Florida Water Management District  – cwehle@sfwmd.gov

John Williams, Inspector General – South Florida Water Management District  – jwwillia@sfwmd.gov

General contact for board members – info@watermatters.org

Governor Charlie CristCharlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com

Lieutenant Governor Jeff KottkampJeff.Kottkamp@MyFlorida.com

Please remember that, Lex Salisbury, the owner and developer of this theme park, is the former $339,000/yr president of Lowry Park Zoo who:

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>bought, sold, or traded more than 180 animals for his private venture, Safari Wild, from the tax-supported, city zoo. A total of 10,000 animals passed through the zoo during its history.

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>owed the zoo more than $200,000, according to the city audit, yet ended up paying back only $2,212

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>appealed $46,000 in fines and paid only $12,500 to Southwest Florida Water Management District despite repeatedly violating environmental regulations in 13 areas of the 258-acre site (remember the 15 patas monkeys that escaped and ran around the state)  He boldly continued construction projects in sensitive wetland areas in violation of environmental regulations, despite being told to cease

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>erected buildings on the property, without permits, forcing Polk County building officials to issue a stop-work order

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>violated development restrictions in the Green Swamp area designated for environmental protection 

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>was forced to resign as zoo president and had his accreditation stripped by the AZA after the mayor called for a criminal investigation

< ![if !supportLists]>·         < ![endif]>was under federal investigation for trying to sell animals through an animal trader magazine though he held no permits for these animals

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