Tigers on Oprah

Please let Oprah know what a scam this is in regards to pulling big cat babies to raise.  Julie just did a great letter on this that you can use as a guide.  It is reprinted below for convenience.

Hi Carole

I'm in Australia, you allowed me to subscribe to your volunteers email list some time ago. I've learned so much through it, thanks.

I have not seen this mentioned on the mailing list (perhaps I missed it) but today I saw a segment on Oprah about some
white tiger cubs which were being raised by a labrador at a 'zoological park' in Kansas. Naturally I was disgusted to see these animals being bred
and then having the owners of the park telling Oprah why the mother tiger abandoned her cub – they made all sorts of excuses but we all know the real one.

Now i dont know how new this episode is but Im pretty sure we are getting new ones here.

Oprah was thoroughly impressed and really has no idea about the big cat problem, let alone the white tiger issue.

Has anyone tried to contact Oprah about this? It would be awesome if you guys could get on the show at some point.

RebeccaThe white tiger segment just went for a few minutes. The entire show was about dogs.

I just found some info on it, looks like it was from September 2008.


The section "The Mothering Dog Isabella" mentions the tigers.

I am so tired of reading the "captive tiger wouldn't nurse so we had to step in to save the cub" story. It's as common as the "let's have a baby naming contest" in the zoo publicity world. If you're skeptical, just Google "Tiger Won't Nurse Cub" and you'll see that stories are written over and over about how surrogate animals are being used to nurse and encourage cubs
  to grow and thrive after the mothers refuse to cooperate. Then, after the cubs have grown up and lost their ticket-selling allure, they're shipped off to become breeders. It's become a cliché, at this point.

Perhaps the captive tiger mothers have become smart enough to figure out that they would be doing their cubs a favor by not nursing and encouraging their survival. What quality of life do the humans have planned for them, transporting them from zoo to zoo using them as breeding stock?

It's a sad, bleak future they face in captivity. Unfortunately, there are always those "keepers" who swoop in to "save" those cubs. And the zoos are still able to portray that warm, fuzzy feeling to the public through articles like this one.

In the animal world, as in the human world, mother usually knows best.

Please refer to Alan Green's "Animal Underworld" for an excellent expose and background information on the reality of zoos and the life of the animals under their "care."


  Julie Hanan

  Lutz, Florida

For the cats,

Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue
an Educational Sanctuary home
to more than 100 big cats
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813.493.4564 fax 885.4457


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