Tiger’s Owner Says He Wants His Pet Back

Tiger’s Owner Says He Wants His Pet Back
Last Edited: Friday, 21 Dec 2007, 1:51 PM MST
Created: Friday, 21 Dec 2007, 1:51 PM MST
By JON BOWMAN, Reporter
CENTENNIAL – That tiger cub found in Centennial, is being held at a big game preserve while its owner is now out of the Arapahoe County Jail.
The cub, named Tigger, was given to Pat Michael who says he has been training him for more than a year.
“I have taught him to sit and stay, and he even knows to go to the bathroom on a towel if he is in the house,” said Michael.
“I know its a wild animal but I was going to move to Florida with him where I had planned to build a huge secure facility for him. It’s going to have an in and outside set up with heat and a big pool, because tigers love to swim.”
The Division of Wildlife took the “pet” Wednesday at gun-point from a home where Michael was hiding him. They say that no wild animal should ever be made into a “house pet”.
“This cat will grow to about 6 to 800 pounds when fully grown, and while he has been declawed he can still hurt or kill a person with little effort, because it is still a wild animal,” said Jennifer Churchill.
We spoke with Michael just as he was being released from the Arapco lockup.
He told FOX31 that he has a February court date which he will attend.
And between now and then he hopes to get all the needed licenses and permits to legally own the big Tigger pet.
“I wouldn’t sell him for a hundred thousand dollars,” said Michael.
While he says someone gave him the tiger, billions are made selling exotic animals. In fact, animals rank third in illegal sales only behind guns and drugs.

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