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TJ The Aquatic Tiger Book Companion

Book Page 2:  The Rescue of TJ, Bella, Modnic, & Trucha

Video published on May 25, 2007: When a long time feline breeding compound was closed down, the resident cats there needed a place to call home. Even though there are so many unwanted adult captive tigers in the U.S. some of the facilities that took the animals would use them for breeders (Even though none of them have the genes needed in the Tiger Species Survival Program) or put them right back up for sale onto the exotic animal market.  Big Cat Rescue got the call that the last 4 tigers left were to be put down if no one picked them up in a few days. Maybe they were left because they weren't white tigers, or in perfect shape, but Big Cat Rescue didn't care. BCR quickly pulled together its resources and drove up and got the last 4 on what was to be their final day.

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Book Page 3:  TJ Tiger gets a Dental July 11 2016


Book Page 18 The Magic Wall

TJ would not come get his snacks so the keepers had Seth locked in his roofed section so they could go to where TJ was napping, on the far side of his enclosure, to try to get him to eat.  TJ is old and he doesn’t eat much at once anymore, plus he takes meds, so it is important to get him to eat as much as possible each day. That means giving him multiple small meals every day.   That often means getting creative.  Keepers will not give up on him. They do whatever it takes to keep this old boy eating enough.  This footage was captured by a viewer on the Tiger Lake webcam at


Tee A Special Tiger Named TJ

MORE TJ Videos

TJ The Aqautic Tiger

Video published July 11, 2009:  Listen in as Scott Lope introduces viewers to TJ the tiger! TJ was rescued in 2007 from a breeding facility that was shut down after someone was killed by a tiger there. He as quickly become a favorite cat for volunteers, staff and visitors alike, because of his quirky character and crazy antics in his pool!


In Loving Memory of TJ Tiger

Video published June 23, 2017:  We recently had to say goodbye to our sweet TJ The Water Tiger. His spirit will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved him.

TJ Tiger Goes on Vacation

Video published on Feb 26, 2016:  TJ Tiger goes on vacation, but it's a bit more of an ordeal because his cage is too far away for above ground tunnels to work.


TJ Tiger Creates Quite A SPLASH!!

Video published on May 22, 2016:  TJ leaves vacation and gets shifted into a different enclosure. He took the time to check out his new home before creating a BIG SPLASH!!


TJ Tiger Runs Wild!!

Video published on Oct 11, 2013:  Watch TJ the Tiger enjoying our NEW 2.5 acre enclosure! TJ ran around everywhere and he LOVES the water so he had lots of fun splashing around in the pond too!

Air Big Cat Visits Hoover And TJ Tigers

Video published on September 13, 2016: Take a trip with Air Big Cat to visit TJ and Hoover tigers an get an aerial view of their beautiful enclosures with lake access.

Water Tiger

Video published on September 11, 2015: TJ is known as our aquatic tiger. Although all tigers love water, it is nothing like TJ's love for water, and he is at it again.

Tiger vs Tiger - The Ultimate Splash Off

Video published on April 18, 2017: Watch as TJ and Seth the tigers go head to head in Tiger Lake for the ultimate splash off!!

TJ Tiger Gets A Visit From The Dentist

Video published on November 1, 2015:  TJ tiger has a root canal in his upper canine, and he has three small incisors removed. Watch to see how his procedure went, and how he is doing now. A special thank you to Dr. Wade Gingerich, Jennifer Dupre-Welsh, and Denise Rollings of the Pet Dental Center.


Viewer Videos

Everything for Mr. Teej!

Video published February 16, 2017:  Keeper Kathryn trying to coax TJ into eating more.

Published on Apr 25, 2014
Meet Rhea, a beautiful little tuxedo cat who needs a home, see a new mom and kittens we are fostering, see what we have to do to eject squatters, enjoy TJ tiger getting a Pinata, see Jamie and Carole build a tunnel to get Bengali Tiger home from "vacation", see Chris & Gale setting up Pinatas for Cameron and Nikita the lions and Zabu the white tiger and see Sundari Leopard go on her first "vacation."









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