Today at Big Cat Rescue 2011 07 09

Two Darcy’s in one day!  Before today the only Darcy I knew was a gorgeous bobcat.

Attempted Bobcat Rescue

Injured Bobcat Laying Out in the Open
Injured Bobcat Laying Out in the Open

The first woman named Darcy called to report an injured bobcat in her back yard.  Since the paw appears to be a bite or sprain and not broken we would like to help the cat heal where he lives and are working to do that.

If his condition worsens then we will try to capture him and bring him in for further care, but just the stress of being trapped and taken to a strange place could cause more harm than good.

We will keep you posted and have someone watching day and night to see if he is doing OK.

See video at the bottom of the page.


A Poem for Big Cat Voices

The second Darci was one of our AdvoCats who speaks out for the cats on a regular basis via  She wrote a beautiful poem about the cats and those who care enough to be their voice and it is posted below.

I Who Have No Voice But for the Grace of You

I am a great and beautiful creature created by God

I am regal and strong and once was many, now I fear my tribe is dwindling

I run and am scared but have tried to hold my own

But the poachers, the catchers have outnumbered us the once strong

God created me to be strong, live in the places he made just for me and my own

But alas bad men have decided that they can make a living killing, destroying and catching my kind for their own twisted demented gain

I know that they will have to pay a greater price than they have ever gained nor known one day for this but alas it still goes on

Even the Kings, the Lion Kings and the rest shed tears of our own for the greatness, the mighty tribes we were meant to be and hope to be one day again

Tis good to know and see that God created you who have a voice and are more than willing to fight and speak for us the mighty who have no voice to speak on our own.

To this great deed from you to us maybe may make us once again the tribe of the mighty, beautiful and strong.

Darci – July 9, 2011


A Big Cat Wedding

Also on today’s agenda was a wedding this morning on our beach of Alissa Slaven and Nick Moulder.  Shere Khan and Max watched the ceremony from opposite sides of the beach.  Max kept climbing to the top of his tree house to get a better view.

We had a lot of visitors take advantage of this brief break in the rain to come visit the cats and because it was a little cooler the cats were all pretty active.


Raindance Has New Cat-a-Tat

Raindance was moved to a larger Cat-a-tat today which is about twice the size of the last one she has lived in for the past 7 years.  The plan is to re-paint her old cage and then combine it to the one she is in, which will give her three times the space she had before or approximately 2,200 square feet.


Banshee Has New Cat-a-Tat

Banshee also moved today (much to everyone’s amazement as he is pretty stubborn)  He too got almost twice as much space and is now in about 1,200 square feet of space.

The day is over yet so no telling what other great stuff is going to happen!


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