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Cat Chat Today


Cat Chat with David Stanton and Carole Baskin LIVE at noon today!  Go to to see and interact with David and Carole as they chat about big cat topics of the week.

Below are a few of the topics we will be covering:


Protect Wild Lions


You have until June 15 to make yourself heard for the lions.


Painting with a Twist Fun-draiser




Painting with a Twist held a fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue at both of their locations: 2527 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33713 and 2821 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629. Big Cat Rescuers really know how to have fun. Join us July 1, 2013 at Hamburger Mary's for Big Cat Bingo. More here:


Volunteer Appreciation Party


Big Cat Rescue holds a quarterly Volunteer Appreciation Party.  Each party has a different theme and this one was Volunteer Challenge.  About 70 volunteers showed up for awards of recognition and competition in fun games that involved team building, critical thinking and endurance.   There was also a dunk tank and volunteers paid $5 for three softballs to throw at a target to dunk staff members in a pool of icy water.  Video soon!



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Top 10 Worldwide

TripAdvisor is delighted to recognize Big Cat Rescue with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

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We know that we owe this award to YOU; the wonderful guests who took the time to rate us on


RSVP for Hamburger Mary's Bingo Night


How To Videos


Using the Vox Audio System for Tours


Human First Aid Class


Big Cat Operant Conditioning or Training


Lion Meat Off the Menu


Lion Meat TacoIf you're like pretty much no one else in the universe, the first thing you thought when Rafiki held up Simba at the beginning of "The Lion King" was, "I wonder what that adorable lion cub would taste like smothered in barbeque sauce?"


But lion is what was for dinner at Mokutanya, a Japanese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Burlingame. However, after public outcry and alleged death threats, the restaurant has taken it off the menu.


Owner Jason Li, who said he purchased the lion meat from a facility where the animal was raised in Illinois, told ABC San Francisco that he was deluged with calls and emails from animal rights activists after posting on Facebook about his intention to serve $70 lion skewers.


"Some of them [sic] is really nice and peaceful like 'oh, can you stop selling lion meat?'" Li explained. "And some of them is like saying 'oh, I going to come in and rape you and kill you.'"


Mokutanya also briefly offered lion meat last year and it proved so popular that the restaurant sold out of its one-time order in less than a week.


Meat from African lions is legal to consume in the United States because the species is listed as threatened rather than endangered, but that hasn't stopped a lot of people from getting offended at the idea of chowing down on the king of the jungle.


"Whether the lion was raised on a farm in Illinois or shot in the Serengeti and immediately put on ice and shipped to the United States, we think it sucks," the Peninsula Humane Society's Ken White told the San Mateo County Times. "These are animals that we need to treasure."


Similarly, a Mexican restaurant in Tampa, Fla. took lion meat tacos off of its menu earlier this month after employees started receiving bomb threats and the location's general manager was assaulted by one particularly incensed animal lover.


The number of lions in the wild has decreased by over 50 percent in the past two decades and there's been a push to get the big cats put on the endangered species list. Additionally, a bill recently introduced in the Illinois legislature would ban the sale of lion meat in the state.



Cats Need Better PR


If your organization or animal shelter handles cats, we want to hear about your relationship with veterinarians. The CATalyst Council intends to make a difference in the way the United States sees and experiences cats.


The CATalyst Purpose addresses their desire to change the image of cats as aloof and not needing human contact or care. Their vision is to raise the level of care and welfare of cats by cat parents, supported by the highest quality veterinary care, preventative medicine, and cat specific products.


Petfinder is helping the CATalyst Council conduct a survey of animal shelters and rescue organizations to help assess your relationships with veterinarians for their newest initiative, Catalyst Connection.


Please take a few minutes to complete this important (and quick!) survey:



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