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Jack Talman’s Fostering Is Cool Cultivates Temporary Homes For Animals En Route To Permanent Ones
My guest April 3 on “Talking Animals” –airing 9am to 10am ET on Tampa NPR affiliate WMNF (88.5 FM)–will be Jack Talman, founder of Fostering is Cool.
Notwithstanding the glib Spicoli-speak hanging from its name, Fostering Is Cool is a very serious-minded Tampa organization that promotes the fostering of dogs and cats, with an emphasis on the animals saved from a grim fate by rescue groups.
Indeed, without the foster homes that Talman cultivates, the slew of rescues which seek to place animals in forever homes would be severely hampered in their efforts.
But in the nearly four years since Talman launched Fostering Is Cool, his organization is responsible for more than 500 cats and dogs being placed in temporary homes while awaiting permanent ones.

Jack Talman speaks with us live, in studio, on April 3 Please tune in 88.5 FM in Tampa, or online here 9am ET…6am PT And to join the conversation, you can call:813.239.9663–or e-mail
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Talking Animals














Email State Representatives in Support of the Pets’ Trust Bill HB 1127



We still have a chance at the State level.  After receiving over 2,000 emails and phone calls from the 10,001 Miamians….House Bill 1127 (Pets’ Trust Florida) will be back on the agenda this Thursday, April 4th.  Your help has been invaluable.  We will at least have a chance to state our case, even though we’ve been told….the challenge will be tough.

Now…..we need your help again.

This time….saying thanks.

This is what we need ALL of you to do.

In your own  words…..write a thank you for allowing HB 1127 to be presented to their committee.  (The list is below.)  Then, in your own words, with the most emotion you can gather, explain why the animals are so important to you, and why people should have a right to vote on this….in their own communities.

PLEASE….be polite and courteous.

(1)    Start with the thank you and let them know they are on the committee that will be listening to HB 1127 this Thursday.  Thank them over and over.
(2)    Mention the animals and what they mean to you.  It is the chance to save life with an amazing spay/neuter program, etc…From your heart!!!!
(3)    Each community should have the right to make the decision if they want to do this.  It’s all about the right to vote. They must understand this bill is about allowing people to vote.

And then….a heartfelt thank you again.  Your own words are what is very important.

Here is the list….

Committee member and staff emails:

Committee member phone numbers:


Gonzalez, Eduardo “Eddy”

District: (305) 364-3066

Capitol: (850) 717-5111


Pilon, Ray

District: (941) 955-8077

Capitol: (850) 717-5072


Campbell, Daphne D.

District: (305) 795-1210

Capitol: (850) 717-5108


Bracy, Randolph

Capitol: (850) 717-5045


Dudley, Dwight Richard

District: (727) 552-2747

Capitol: (850) 717-5068


Ingram, Clay

District: (850) 494-7330

Capitol: (850) 717-5001


La Rosa, Mike

District: (407) 891-2555

Capitol: (850) 717-5042


Magar, MaryLynn “ML”

District: (772) 545-3481

Capitol: (850) 717-5082


Moraitis, Jr., George R.

District: (954) 762-3757

Capitol: (850) 717-5093


Powell, Bobby

District: (561) 650-6880

Capitol: (850) 717-5088


Pritchett, Sharon

Capitol: (850) 717-5102


Rangel, Ricardo

District: (407) 518-0043

Capitol: (850) 717-5043


Raschein, Holly Merrill

District: (305) 453-1202

Capitol: (850) 717-5120


Rodríguez, José Javier

District: (305) 854-0365

Capitol: (850) 717-5112


Santiago, David

District: (386) 575-0387

Capitol: (850) 717-5027


Smith, Jimmie T.

District: (352) 560-6020

Capitol: (850) 717-5034


Stone, Charlie

District: (352) 291-4436

Capitol: (850) 717-5022


Van Zant, Charles E.

District: (386) 312-2272

Capitol: (850) 717-5019

Thank you

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