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Simba the tiger

Simba the Tiger

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Press Releases – Two Major Marketing Benefits for the Price of One

Most small-to-medium sized businesses don’t think much about press and publicity. They operate under the belief that it’s for larger businesses. The truth is that larger businesses would never have gotten where they are if they hadn’t had press and publicity when they were smaller.

The web has changed the rules and now you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to benefit from press and publicity. In fact, a few strategic steps can allow you to enjoy two major benefits from one well-crafted press release.  Read More


Unveiling of Google’s New Display Platform

Since the inception of the Display Network, 9 years ago, advertisers have been forced to design display campaigns around the same concepts used to create search campaigns. Even though we were able to get the job done using this strategy, many of us noticed the job may not have been done as efficiently or effectively as we desired.

To overcome this challenge Google has been rolling out a new display interface that comes equipped with its own tab within AdWords. This new interface, that has been built from the ground up, will enable advertisers to bid, target and optimize display campaigns all from a single place. This is a much needed improvement and a much more efficient way to manage display campaigns. Read More


Shopping Cart Abandonment – Ecommerce’s Biggest Challenge

As an ecommerce business, you know just how much work goes into getting customers into your shopping cart…

  1. You need to optimize your website to bring quality organic traffic into your marketing funnel.
  2. You must have effective PPC campaigns that bring people who are looking for your product or services to your website.
  3. You must have a website designed that maximizes conversions so that people quickly find what they need.

Then you are home free, right? Maybe not. There’s still plenty that could go wrong that would cause you to lose a sale.  Read More


5 Tips To Improve The Keyword Quality Score In Your PPC Campaigns

Does Your Google Quality Score Really Matter?

Yes. In fact, Google rewards their clients for having a high Quality Score or QS. However, maybe more important, Google dings advertisers for low Quality Scores. Once you have a low Quality Score, it is a difficult and tedious process to climb out of that hole. Professional Online Marketing firms can help to minimize this risk by creating and managing your SEM Campaigns as well as developing content for your landing pages or website.  Read More



This in from Wayne Pacelle at the Humane Society of the United States

Join Big Cat Rescue at Taking Action for Animals

This summer, visit beautiful Washington, D.C., and help make history for animals. Join me and leaders in animal protection, including Congressman Sam Farr, Kathy Freston, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ron Kagan, John Bartlett, Gene Baur, and more, for an exciting and inspiring weekend.

Taking place July 27-30, the Taking Action for Animals conference has a top-notch program. When you aren’t attending the workshops, network with fellow animal advocates, attend the gourmet banquet dinner with entertainment by Nellie McKay, and explore the dozens of animal protection organizations and vendors in the exhibit hall. And make sure you take advantage of the amazing opportunity to meet with your federal legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill during Monday’s Lobby Day.

Animals can’t advocate on their own behalf. Together we can take steps to end their suffering. Don’t miss your chance to join us this year — TAFA won’t be back until 2014!

Howard and Carole attended a luncheon provided by the Tampabay Community Foundation today.

Susan was there handing out name tags and greeting guests.  Susan helps Chelsea with data entry at the sanctuary.


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