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Panther sightings reported throughout Florida


cougars or mountain lionsThe public has reported hundreds of sightings of Florida panthers to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website launched a year ago, where people can record when and where they saw a panther or its tracks.

As of August 2013, the public had submitted 790 sightings to

Only 12 percent of the reports included a photograph and could be evaluated by Commission biologists. Of those with photos, the majority were confirmed as panthers. Other animals identified by FWC biologists were bobcats, foxes, coyotes, dogs, house cats and even a monkey. Most often the reported animal or tracks belonged to a bobcat, when it was not a panther. The verified panther reports were largely confined to southwest Florida, the well-documented breeding range for panthers in the state. There also were several verified sightings in south central Florida.

“The public’s willingness to share what they have seen or collected on game cameras is incredibly helpful and shows us where panthers presumably are roaming in Florida,” said Darrell Land, who heads the FWC’s panther team. “We thank everyone using the Report Florida Panther Sightings website and encourage others to participate in this citizen-science venture.”

“As the population of this endangered species grows, the FWC expects more Florida panthers to be seen in areas of the state where they have not lived for decades,” Land said. “To properly plan and manage for the expansion of the panther’s range in Florida, information about where the panthers are is vital.”

The FWC has a new “E-Z guide to identify panther tracks” available at

The Florida panther population is estimated to be 100 to 160 adults and yearlings, a figure that does not include panther kittens. As recently as the 1970s, the Florida panther was close to disappearing, with as few as 20 animals in the wild.

Learn more about Florida panthers at


California Residents



Senate Bill 132 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee yesterday.  The bill is expected to be presented on the Assembly floor for a vote this upcoming Monday, August 19th.
SB 132 needs 4/5ths of the votes to pass.   We are almost there!



California Senate Bill 132 is designed to protect mountain lions that accidentally wander into human-populated areas.


SB 132 authorizes the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to use nonlethal measures to protect mountain lions that pose no threat. Click here to contact your Assembly Member.


Please write or telephone your Assembly Member today, strongly urging them to SUPPORT SB 132.


To contact your Assembly Member, click or copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

Click here to look up your legislators.

If you are not familiar with your local Assembly Member, click here to look up your representatives:

There are only three days left before the vote!


Many Assembly Members have received no letters of support from their constituents.  Your brief letter or call will make a big difference.


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The Mountain Lion Foundation follows cougar and wildlife news each week. For a complete library of the most pertinent news articles, visit the Mountain Lion Foundation Newsroom.

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