Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 23

Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 23

Bobcat Mom Trying to Move Babies Across Busy Road
Bobcat Mom Trying to Move Babies Across Busy Road

Due to Hurricane Irene and all of the rain fall we have been dealing with the volunteers have been busy rain proofing dens through out the sanctuary. You can see some of that work in yesterday’s photos.

A call came in that a mother bobcat was trying to carry her babies across a busy road in Lakeland. For now they are stranded on the opposite sides of a busy highway during morning rush hour. We will be monitoring the situation and advising people to stay back and let the mother wait out the traffic rush.

Yesterday a number of people from our facebook fans filed their Comments supporting the USFWS’ proposed rule to rescind the generic tiger exemption.

We sent out an alert to 353 of our supporters yesterday and are sending it out to AR, AZ and GA today.

Hurricane Irene Brings Rain, Rain and More Rain
Hurricane Irene Brings Rain, Rain and More Rain



Jamie holds gas mask over Modnic’s face for veterinary procedure by Dr. Wynn


Chris gives fluids to Modnic during veterinary procedure by Dr. Wynn.  Darren helped too.
Darren and Jennifer Holley had spotted the protruding flesh that was about the size of your thumb from Modnic’s vagina at feeding time.  The vet was alerted and Modnic the tiger was brought into the West Boensch Cat Hospital for exam.
Dr. Wynn examines Modnic the tigress while Gale watches.
Carole out looking for mother bobcat and kittens who had been trying to cross this busy road in Lakeland.
The mother bobcat had crossed the road into the media earlier, leaving her kitten screaming in the reeds.
This was where the momma bobcat wanted to take her kitten(s) because development had removed most of the woods on her side of this highway.
No bodies were found and no screaming was heard and daylight was gone.  By the time Carole got back to the truck Jamie was on the phone with the emergency news about Modnic.
Gale holds Modnic’s leg so Dr. Wynn can recheck her mammary cancer masses.  They have grown.
Jamie sits with Modnic after the procedure to realign her vaginal wall and uterus.  It took 30 minutes for the drugs to put Modnic out, but she woke up very quickly.  By midnight we were done.

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