Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 6 2013

Bella Tiger Has Biopsy 


Dr Wynn and Dr Boorstein draw blood, perform a biopsy and give Bella Tiger a check up.



Dr Wynn checks for signs of arthritis in Bella Tiger.



Two bags of fluids are given to help boost the way Bella Tiger feels.




This padded pole is lightly held over Bella Tiger in case she wakes up unexpectedly.


Bella Tiger is weighed, throughly checked over, and a biopsy is performed on a mass.



The blood work and biopsy will be sent out for testing to let us know what we should do next.



The area is cleansed to prevent infection.



Bella weighs a little over 200lbs.  She is a tiny tiger.




Carrying Bella the tiger into the shade to wake up.

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  • Carmen Rivero Colina

    Be healthy! <3 Hope all is well Bella!

  • Frankie Franks

    Hoping all goes well with Bella.
    How old is she?

  • Audrey Yow

    Thank you for taking such good care of Bella. Sending healing wishes your way that it is nothing serious. Much love to all those animals in your care and the caregivers.

  • Pamela Delvalle

    Good thoughts Bella

  • Jody Marshall

    I Pray that all testing will be good news……

  • Carole Baskin

    Bella is 17

  • Donna Coffey

    Hope you're feeling better today Bella! Praying the test results are a-ok!

  • David Sthanapati

    Fingers crossed here


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