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Indian Summer is a 23 year old bobcat and has more old age related ailments that would fit on this page, but she still eats, sleeps and gets around. In the advanced stages of kidney failure the cats smell awful and begin to attract flies.Rather than have them bothering her outside, she has been moved into the West-Boensch Cat Hospital on-site where she can lounge around on soft, fleecy, Skip beds and eat treats off a stick.She’s pretty much blind and deaf so the last of her senses can relax in her new luxury suite until she lets us know she is ready to cross over to those great hunting grounds in the sky.

A big paws up to all of you who made it possible for her to be rescued 16 years ago from being a discarded yard decoration.

She’s outlived her mate Shiloh and her own kitten, Catera, who died two years ago.

It is because of the love and care you have shown her that she has had such a long, rich life.

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  • Patty Hardtke

    I visit your f.b. daily I thnk its wonderful how much u guys love the big cats I share your love and I share lots of the picture of the big s on my

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