Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 21 2012 A New Era?

Nikita Tiger Has Fun With Cylinder

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life


Nikita Tiger Has Fun With CylinderThe 2012 Prophecy is understood as “The Harmonic Convergence of All Prophecies.” In prophetic messages from around the globe which point to these times we are living in, one will find mention of the emergence of such things as: “The Return of Quetzalcoatl,” “The Return of Christ Consciousness,” “The Return of The Kingdom of Shambhala,” “The Return of the Divine Feminine,” “The Return of the Star People,” “The Return of the Wisdom of the Ancestors,” “The Hoop of the Nations Made Whole,” “The Return to Living in Harmony with Nature,” “The Awakening of the Rainbow Warriors.” Other universal themes include: “Everything That has Been Hidden will be Revealed,” “The Lifting of the Veils and Merging of Spirit and Matter,” “The Dawning of Universal Telepathy,” the start of “Heaven on Earth,” and our mutation into a new species that transcends Homo Sapiens, emerging into something like the Qu’ero of Peru call “Homo Luminous.”


I believe these ancient clues can be understood in a down-to-earth way as pointing to the Awakening of our Human Potential. I find it deeply inspiring that one can find evidence from many traditions around the world that speak of a massive cycle change in which we change our orientation as a species and find our way to exist as a more conscious humanity, opening to yet untapped capacities.


Tonga is Lucky to Be Alive Today


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Yesterday could have been the end of life, as Tonga knows it, if not for the quick response of Gale Ingham the Operations Manager, Dr. Wynn, Dr. Boorstein, Jamie Veronica and all of the Big Cat Rescuers who rushed him to the hospital and sat with him all night.


Nik Tiger Has Fun With Big Blue Toy


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Video by Gale Ingham


Tigers in the Wild Need You Now, More than Ever


A motherā€™s love. T9, with her two cubs. By Divya Khandal.

HollyHiĀ Carole. Winter should be arriving by now, with temperatures plummeting at night and cooler days ā€“ but itā€™s not happening. Pleasant mornings and hot summer sunshine is still the order of the day, plus some rain in Bandhavgarh last week.

Try our festiveĀ Caption competitionĀ and win a prize – see the photo inĀ your newsfeed.

Julian Matthews, Tiger-in-Chief

Vijaya and her cub
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Jaya stalking
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Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 21 2012 A New Era?

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