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What an amazing day we had at BCR yesterday!!


All wonderful news: between donations and our talley was almost 30K for one day!!! We did 15.5 tours all total today: 4 full tours at 10AM and 11.5 tours at 3PM. The 10 AM tours were reservation and were prepaid so that money is NOT included in today’s total. We had a full feeding tour of 21 people and a night tour of 14.


I’m gonna try to mention everyone who made today happen….I apologize if I miss anyone…here goes. The 10 AM tour was staffed by Jesse & Chris O., Willow, Des, Intern Chris, Rebecca, Pam and Peggy. The 3PM tour was amazingly handled by the following, Tour guides: Pam, Denny, Valerie, Rebecca, Chris S, Nicole, Matt G, Afton, Carole, Jeff, Sherry, and Ann. Backups: Des, Dottie, Arno, Phyllis, Chris O., Joe, Monica, Dena, Peggy, Vanessa, Sue R., and Barbie. The feeding tour was led by Jenn F and backed up by Dottie and Joe. To end the night with a bang and some rain, the night tour: guides Rich and Lynda with backups Monica and Dena.


In the midst of the busy morning tours those who didn’t give tours were busy cleaning our fuzzy residents: Nanci,and Marie plus others named above. Towards the end of signing in the guests for the 3PM tour Jeff took over at the gate, Gale and Chelsea were busy signing in people with paper since we had sent out pretty much everyone on tours, and Peggy and I were busy taking payments outside the gift shop with the new Square system while other volunteers were taking cash and discount payments inside. Towards the end of the 3PM tours feeding was started, this was staffed by Chris P., Lynda, Lisa S, and Stephanie, as well as others listed previously.


Honey Wayton

Honey Wayton stacking donated Christmas Trees for big cat enrichment.

All of the guests had a great time and no accidents occurred in the parking lot….no small task as we had over 125 cars there and outside the gate.


While this was all going on Jamie, Jen, Chris Poole, Nicole and Gale caught and loaded up Frosty the White Footed Serval for his visit with Dr. Wynn. From my rough estimate we had about 375 guests today. I just wanted to make sure that all of our volunteers were aware of the incredible things that happened today and thank you all again for the inspiring work that you continue to enable BCR to do. In the midst of all of the stress/bustle/chaos that this time of year can bring I am simply floored by the ability of a few amazing people in Tampa Florida to make a huge difference in the lives of so many animals (known and unknown by us). I am also very proud to be one of those few amazing people. Thank you all so much for all that you do everyday for BCR.


Honey Wayton, Gift Shop Manager






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