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Lion Man’s Zion Park Ordered to Pay $60,000 to Mauling Death Victim’s Partner

The lawyer for the former owner of Zion Wildlife Gardens says the fatal mauling of a zookeeper deeply affected his client.

Zion Wildlife Gardens Limited has been ordered to pay $60,000 in reparation to the partner of mauled keeper Dalu Mncube.

He was fatally attacked in May 2009 by a tiger while cleaning the enclosure.

Evgeny Orlov acts for Patricia Busch and says this brings closure to the case and to the family of Mr Mncube.

He says Ms Busch was deeply affected and had a lot of affection for Mr Mncube.

The Department of Labour says it’s important to send a strong message to companies to provide a safe workplace for employees.


Keep the Fat Cat Out of the Skinny Cat’s Bowl


If you have more than one cat you probably have this problem: One cat is too skinny and the other cat is too fat. So how do you satisfy the cravings of the skinny cat without contributing to the obesity of the fat cat?


Solution: The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap !


I love this cat door!  It was easy to install and only took the press of one button to teach it the difference between my skinny cat and my fat cat.  The secret is a battery operated microchip reader.


All I had to do after installing the flap was install four AA batteries and press a button. The next cat to pass through the flap would be learned by the door, enabling only that microchip to pass through.  Now the door will only open when that microchip is at the flap.


I installed it on an internal door and trained the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap to only read my skinny cat’s microchip.  Now I can keep food available in that room for him 24/7 and the fat cat can’t get to it.  The skinny cat is skinny for a reason;  he is a youngster and hyper active.  At night I can still lock him in his room by turning a manual knob on the door that prevents him from being able to pass through the flap.  This gives our old, fat cat some peace and quiet at night and allows us to sleep.  On the first night he banged away at the door for about 15 minutes, but by the second night had figured out that when it’s dark the door doesn’t work for him.


The door was probably designed more for those who allow their cats to come and go from outside.  The door can be programmed to learn up to 32 different microchips so for someone who has more than one cat that they want passing through the door it’s a good choice.  The door will only open for the microchips that you program. This keeps out stray pets or other animals that you would not want in your house.


My original intention for the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap was to install it in the larger exotic cat cages.  Sometimes we have a group of cats who have lived together a long time, but one becomes too senile to be allowed around a pool, or one has to stay off high perches while healing a sprain.  This sort of a door would be ideal for those situations where we want the “pride” to stay together, if possible, but want to restrict areas of the enclosure to just those with the right microchip.  (and yes, our wild cats are microchipped)  The problem was that this door is designed for domestic cats and would not accomodate our 25-40 lb jungle cats, ocelots or bobcats.


Depending on the size of the hybrid cat though, it might work for people who have mistakenly purchased Bengal Cats, Savannah Cats or Chausie Cats who are notorious sprayers.   Some domestic cats, despite thousands of years of domestication and being altered, still spray, so this door would also work in a multi-cat household dealing with those issues.  The spraying cat could live on the lanai and not be programed for the door, while the cats with good house manners could have access to both indoors and the screened room areas.


Here’s the Scoop:  The skinny cat and I give it 5 paws.  The fat cat only gives it one.

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New Photos of the Big Cats

Each day for the next week or so we will be posting some of the newest photos of the cats.  There are a bunch of new ones for sale in the Big Cat Shop.

Today’s featured exotic cats are Black and Golden Leopards.

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  1. Sheila Collins

    December 5, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Fat cat/skinny cat …

    Maybe they also make the microchip doors in dog sizes … that would give you a range of sizes to fit most of the wild cat species.

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