Today at Big Cat Rescue Feb 2 2013

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Big Cats Need a Vacation!


Tigers, Lions, Leopards and more are all waiting to go on vacation!
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You may be wondering: How will Big Cat Rescue's cats be able to go on vacation? Well, we have recently received zoning approval to build a huge 2.5 acre enclosure on the Southwest end of our 55-acre property. It's been our dream for years to be able to construct a special enclosure that can be used to rotate cats in and out of their permanent enclosures. Once construction is complete, the cats will enjoy two-week vacations in the new surroundings of our Vacation Rotation enclosure!

It will cost approximately $200,000 to build this 111,600 square-foot dream enclosure for our cats. We have already begun to erect the poles for the perimeter and assemble the materials we will require. To wrap our heads around how HUGE 111,000 square feet actually is, we've listed suggested donation amounts as they relate to rooms in a typical home. Your donations now will allow us to continue to move forward with this project, which we estimate will take six months to complete.



Today at Big Cat Rescue Feb 2 2013


Alexander Crispin Killed by Tiger During Circus Act


Police say that Alexander Crispin, 35, died after being attacked by his tiger inside the Suarez circus tent.  Crispin, who was originally from the United States and worked as a tiger tamer, was bitten on the neck by the enraged animal in the middle of the show.  Crispin was taken by ambulance to the Red Cross hospital Huatabampo, Sonora where he died while receiving medical care, as a result of hypovolemic shock.  Hysterical spectators ran out of the scene during the attack.  It is believed that the tiger was killed during the struggle when beating him did not cause him to release Crispin.


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  1. Donna J Coffey

    February 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    A tragic situation..for both humans and beloved animals.

    I'm truly sorry the trainer had to die…but if there's any lesson to be learned…let it be that wild animals cannot be trained THEY NEED TO BE IN THEIR NATURAL HABITATS… take them out of that and no matter what you do, you cannot turn your back on them…it did not appear this trainer even had a shirt he probably closely resembled "lunch" as far as the tiger was concerned, especially after being tormented / aggravated by the trainer circling the two tigers. He had whips/sticks in hand, but really…against a TIGER? Again, the tiger probably was thinking PREDATOR! and his natural instincts kicked in. And pound vs. pound, the human had no chance.

    I am truly sorry the trainer died, but at the same time, could he have REALLY believed he was a match for two fully grown tigers? I think not.

    IMHO..and it's not going to be a popular opinion, the TRUE tragedy is, that if the tiger in question was indeed killed, this world is minus one magnificent animal.

    Let this be mantra of this tragedy…LESSON LEARNED! leave wild animals in their natural habitats and protect those habitats. Once these MAGNIFICENT creatures disappear from our Earth, they are gone forever. PLEASE..protect those who are left.

    DON"T go to the circus. DON'T stop at the truck stop just to see Tony the Tiger. Join your local cause, or back BCR as the voice of these helpless animals.

    Thank you Carole Baskin and BCR for providing natural habitats and shelters to discarded and abandoned wild cats, and rescuing any cat you feel you can help..

    You, Carol, and BCR all TOTALLY rawk.

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