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Every day is interesting at Big Cat Rescue

It almost always starts with tons of emails to answer and website edits, but then we were able to help a vet in NY who is the health care provider for a bobcat who had been an illegal pet and now lives at a rescue center. Our vet was willing to share our bobcat protocols with her to ensure a long, happy life.

Helped a producer do background work on three breeder / dealer / exotic cat owners. While they can sometimes find the USDA reports, citations, and criminal histories of these kinds of people, they often do not know how many of them are woven into this ugly, tangled web whereby they cover for each other and enable each other. Knowing who the bad actors are and so much of their history makes us a frequently used resource for those doing movies, documentaries, books and articles.

Then I got to tour with a very interesting author, Michael Bavota who wrote Spirit of the Everglades. Whether you are 7 or 70 it is a captivating story about the fictional lives of animals in the Everglades. The story weaves in so many important facts about conservation, animal behavior and the wonder of life that it should be required reading. It has been adapted to an award winning screen play and hopefully we will see it brought to life in CG on the big screen.

He was fascinated by the plight of the white tiger and ligers and is considering a book that would make their message known.

Then a conference call with some of the greatest, like minded spirits I know, who are all working together to protect wild cats.

We have been corresponding with an animal lover who saw an ocelot being used as a lure at a Mexican restaurant and advised him on how to let others know so that they do not support this establishment. He is posting a facebook cause for the ocelot as well and has alerted Defenders of Wildlife who are contacting government officials.

Ocelot In Cage Restaurant Playa Mujere Mexico

Meanwhile a text from Gale saying that the small cats are getting Christmas trees for enrichment today. It’s been a great day so far and it isn’t even half over.


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