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Lawsuit Update:


Early last year Big Cat Rescue filed suit in federal court against Joe Schreibvogel and some of his corporate entities for violating our trademark and intellectual property rights by taking on the name Big Cat Rescue Entertainment and part of our logo for his cub petting road show that we view as exploitive.


Schreibvogel filed counterclaims, and later amended those claims, alleging that when we contact malls and provide them with facts about Schreibvogel and the cub petting industry and express our opinions about him and this road show we have made slanderous and libelous statements. He further accused us of tortious interference with his contracts with the malls.


We filed a Motion to Dismiss his counterclaims. Subsequently, he filed a Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction. In effect he was asking the court to stop us from exercising our First Amendment right of free speech in contacting the malls.


Today the judge ruled in our favor on both issues. The judge denied his request for a restraining order, preserving our right to express our views to the venues that host his cub petting road show. The judge also dismissed his counterclaims, giving him 21 days to amend them again.


We of course are very pleased that the judge agreed with our positions on both issues. The trial date is not set, but is likely to be sometime in the August  to November time frame.


Jumanji the black leopard breakdancing

Jumanji the black leopard breakdancing

See the black leopard breakdance video


Interns and volunteers prepare a cat-a-tat for a new inhabitant

Interns and volunteers prepare a cat-a-tat for a new inhabitant

The lions sunning themselves makes me want to go to the beach

The lions sunning themselves makes me want to go to the beach

A scented pine tree pillow for one big tiger!

A scented pine tree pillow for one big tiger!

The Truth About Tiger Cubs’ Mysterious Deaths

JANUARY 12, 2012
Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

Global Animal recently exposed a scam where tiger cubs are put on displays in malls throughout the U.S. for “educational purposes.” Joe Schreibvogel, the owner of G.W. Exotic Animal Park, a vast pseudo-sanctuary with a questionable history of animal abuse uncovered by a PETA investigation, claimed that 23 of his tiger cubs died in 2010 because of bad formula. An FDA report on the formula proves otherwise:

See the evidence, read the rest of this excellent article and weigh in at Global Animal .


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  1. Ulli

    January 13, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Maybe the recent mass slaughter in Ohio has caused at least some people who have a say like judges and politicians to wake up and see what cub petting (actually ANY petting zoo) and the liberal definition of “sanctuary” or “animal park” and other terms are all about.
    Although the message hasn’t reached the broader public yet who still think that a staring contest with a cat (no matter the size, actually) is a really cool and fun idea.

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