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Today at Big Cat Rescue Our Website Has No Menu


It has been a two year struggle to keep this website, and its 9,000 plus pages, up and running. Yesterday it wouldn’t load at all.   Today it has no menus at the top to choose from.  We are working on it but really hope that someone can devise a way of having WordPress and its many plugins work seamlessly together.  Maybe it will take the eco system of Apple to insure that all plugins that are available in the repository can work with all others.  No small task, but it is really needed.


Here are a few things that have happened since the site started acting up on Dec 29.


Slow Motion Video of Big Cats in Action



A New Serval Named Nala


A man called on Dec. 13 and I called him back the same day and told him we would take his father’s serval if he would contract to never own another exotic cat.

On the first call he said that his dad was in the hospital and not expected to survive.  I told him all of the rules for us taking the cat and he agreed, but then I didn’t hear from him for 20 days.

Meanwhile, on Dec 18 we were asked by USDA to take 2 bobcats from a Donna White, but I never have been able to connect with her. Also, on Jan 1, one of our supporters asked us to rescue a rehab bobcat in CA.  We contacted the rehabber there and offered to assist, but they had been misquoted in the press and the bobcat was doing fine.

On Jan 2 he called and said his dad had died and that he wanted us to take Nala.  I told he we would need a health certificate and would have to ask the FWC for an import permit, which can take 2 weeks.

On Jan 3 his vet called and asked what we needed him to do as far as a health certificate because no one could handle her. I told him that the vet only has to look at the cat and say it is breathing for the purpose of the certificate.  He said his wife was a vet who had worked at Jeff Kozlowski’s big cat place in WI and that he had done some exotic cat work, but that he was very happy he didn’t have to handle her.  He said that he knew her vaccines were not up to date; that he thought she was declawed and thought she might have been spayed.  Jason faxed me the health certificate that night and the next morning I applied to the FWC for the import permit.

On Jan 4 the son called and asked me, again, what airline to try and I told him Delta might do it, but that it was hit or miss with them.  He asked if they would come get her and I assured him they would not and that he would have to catch her, put her in a dog kennel and then at the airport he’d have to show the health certificate and even then they might not take her.  I told him a couple hours in the air would be a lot less stress for her than riding all day in the back of a van, but that if the airline wouldn’t accept her, we would come get her.  Much to my surprise the FWC issued the import permit the same day and faxed it to me.

I emailed the son and told him the import permit had arrived.  He called me late that night and said that Nala had cost him a lot more already than he thought she would to send and that he was going to ask his brother to help pay her 360.00 airfare.

On Jan 5  the son sent an email saying Nala was “paradise bound”,  was in the air and would be here by 3PM.   We picked her and released her into her newly renovated Cat-a-tat and video will follow soon.


A Couple of our Day in the Life at Big Cat Rescue Videos





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