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    April 18, 2013 @ 2:35 pm


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  2. Ulli
    January 7, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

    Obviously a very good man, this Senator Fasano!
    And all the more reason for you to keep Kringle in your own care.
    You of all people should know how territorial cats are and how attached they become to their humans.
    But it is not considered abuse to abduct young kittens (as young as 3 weeks old, recommended by the American Veterinarians) from their feral mother who had been hiding them so well from predators.
    It is not considered abuse to then handle them with as many human hands as possible, let them become attached to the foster humans, then the first adopters, and so forth.
    Since most end up in a shelter again some day the cycle starts all over again, this time in a cage or murder. That kind of life is considered the “rescue” version, the rescue from a happy well-fed neutered feral life outdoors with one human caretaker.
    It is not considered abuse to mutilate them and have their claws amputated, sprayed with water from a bottle because they behave so feline and not human, scream at them, yell at them, have someone stand behind the front door and bang heavy pot lids together everytime you open the door and the cat tries to escape the hellhole, they are not allowed to ever hold their face in the sun again or walk through tall grass, climb well grown trees or God forbid hunt any rodents or rabbits or try to fly after a bird.
    Feeding them commercial bird food (grains with a hint of meat) is not abuse but standard.
    If the educated owner leaves them their claws but constantly trims them and (Dear Lord…)covers them with little multi-colored plastic thingies it is not abuse.
    It is all considered appropriate cat care in this country and would never appear on any animal abuser registry.
    It is though considered abuse in my home country and declawing is a felony.

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