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A request from one of our Friends

Friends and Supporters:

I love my catI’m working with a very courageous group of people who are committed to making Miami-Dade a safer place for our companion animals. As a rescuer and spay/neuter advocate I’ve hit every roadblock possible to finding a true solution to ending the 21,000+ deaths at Miami-Dade Animal Services each year. Each animal saved, each animal adopted is a miracle, but there is no way to adopt our way out of the overpopulation crisis. We need well-funded spay/neuter programs and substantial money for Animal Services to run properly.

With all of this said you may ask yourself what is the solution… there is one, and after working with homeless animals for 13 years I truly believe this is it. The Pets’ Trust group is working on legislation to create guaranteed funding for our animals through a small addition to property taxes. The Pets’ Trust would be set up like the Children’s Trust, which passed with 86% of the vote in 2008, during one of the most challenging economic times. As I’m sure only a few of you many realize, the Children’s Trust is on your property tax bill. Many of us pay over $100, $200 or more dollars per year for this, but no one minds and most people don’t even know they’re contributing. This guaranteed funding for the Children’s Trust helps our community support, educate and care for children. As tax payers we’re investing in kids and our community, which speaks volumes about Miami-Dade County. Why can’t we do this for our pets? The Pets’ Trust would be a line item on the average property tax bill of around $13. Imagine that for $13 per year Miami-Dade property owners will save hundreds of thousands of lives.

At this point in time I am not asking you to agree to this legislation, I’m asking you to sign a petition to show support of our right to VOTE! We must show our elected officials that we want the right to vote on the Pets’ Trust before it can be put on the ballot. This petition will be brought to the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners in less than two weeks – we need your help!

Please SIGN and FORWARD this petition to everyone you know. This is the first step in a process that will ultimately save 400,000 LIVES in the next 20 years!

From our friends at Talking Animals

For Bob Barker, When Helping Animal Welfare Organizations, The Philanthropy Price Is Right

My guest Jan. 11 on “Talking Animals” –airing 11am to noon ET on Tampa NPR affiliate WMNF (88.5 FM), and streaming live via our website TalkingAnimals–will beBOB BARKER, the former longtime host of “The Price Is Right,” who, over the past several years, has underwritten a huge array of animal welfare organizations, projects and programs.These range from from promoting spay and neutering through his DJ&T Foundation, to encouraging and funding the teaching of animal law at the nation’s top law schools, to providing the monies for Capt. Paul Watson & the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to purchase a new ship to combat Japanese whaling to, most recently, absorbing the costs of relocating three elephants from the Toronto Zoo (which had decided to close its elephant exhibit) to a Northern California sanctuary operated by the Performing Animal Welfare Society(PAWS).

And that doesn’t represent anywhere near all of the entities, and animals, helped by the 88-year-old Barker’s largesse.

We’ll discuss what has inspired Barker’s philanthropy in the animal welfare realm, how he decides which organizations or projects to help underwrite, and how he views the impact of these efforts since he began this very specific sort of charitable giving. Barker was previously a guest on “Talking Animals” in June of 2006.

The Bob Barker, the anti-whaling ship purchased by the retired game show host for Capt. Paul Watson & the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Bob Barker will speak with us live Jan. 11
Please tune in 88.5 FM in Tampa, or online here 11am ET…8am PT
And, to join the conversation, you can call: 813.239.9663–or e-mail


PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Jan. 11 edition of the show will also feature a brief interview with LIBBY BOOSALIS, a member of the”Talking Animals” family–you hear me acknowledge and thank her as the program’s Broadcast/Outreach Consultant near the end of each show–who has decided to go vegan, starting this week. We’ll chat about how she arrived at the decision, the initial response from friends & family, and more. And to the extent Libby is willing, we’ll periodically hold similar on-air chats, sort of tracking and updating how it’s going as the days and weeks unfold.
AFTER-PROGRAM PROGRAMMING NOTE: If you have more time at your computer or near your radio after this week’s “Talking Animals” ends at noon, you’re invited to stick around as I substitute host “It’s The Music,” an eclectic rock-based music show that airs from noon to 3pm on WMNF (88. FM) in Tampa or you can listen onlinehere. Thanks.


That’ll do it for this week’s newsletter. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Duncan Strauss
Got a caption for this funny tiger photo?  Put it in the comments.
Got a caption for this funny tiger photo? Put it in the comments.
The cats are wormed quarterly with Panacur for 3 days in a row
The cats are wormed quarterly with Panacur for 3 days in a row
It is a big ordeal to make sure all the cats eat their wormer
It is a big ordeal to make sure all the cats eat their wormer
These three cougars can't wait.  Others are a little more fussy.
These three cougars can't wait. Others are a little more fussy.


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