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Best Zoo Expose Ever

Dear Michael,

I just wanted you to know that your article on zoo elephants is being heralded by those in the know as the best expose EVER on zoos.
It certainly stands to reason that similar issues have tortured tigers in zoos and I would love to see you expose that.  It is my understanding that there is not one purebred Bengal tiger in America because of the craze to inbreed tigers to produce white coats.
What we know about that is posted here, but given the research you did on elephants, I’d be willing to bet you could improve our case with the right documentation from the zoo records.

Help Get Anti-Trapping Legislation Across the Finish Line!

071213_appeal-GovBrown.jpgDear Friend:

Trapping is an outdated and inhumane practice, but luckily the California state legislature has passed a bill to improve euthanasia practices for trapped animals! We have an opportunity to advocate for wildlife and tell the governor to uphold the legislature’s decision and sign this important law.

AB 789 (Williams, D-Santa Barbara) will greatly curtail legal euthanasia methods. When enacted it will ban the most inhumane practices, which include drowning, chest-crushing, and injection with chemical solvents such as nail polish remover. The bill also reduces the allowable size of Conibear traps (or “kill traps”) from 10 inches to 6 inches on land and requires the use of warning signs where these traps are used on lands open to the public to reduce the danger to family pets. Traps are indiscriminate, so many non-targeted animals die as “collateral damage,” including endangered species and family pets. Human injuries have also been known to occur.

All compassionate Californians should urge Governor Brown to sign this crucial bill without delay. We are so close to making a difference for the magnificent wildlife of this state!

Can you write your commissioner to back our Animal Services Plan?

Remember in May when asked for your help? We are back again. Yes, we won the “Be the Way Home” plan that Animal Services proposed, and those that opposed got very quiet. Now, after only a little more than two months, some misinformation has started circulating from unknown sources.

Some want to “take it back” at the next BOCC meeting this Wednesday, so this is HOT! They feel that we should have taken longer to plan, so things weren’t as messy.

We say, bring on messy. It means they are alive!

We are once again asking you to let your support be known for the new Animal Services plan to end the killing.

The Tampa Times couldn’t have said it better in their editorial this morning where they agreed, “The county should give this new strategy the money and time to produce results.”

Please help us save the plan that saves lives by contacting your county commissioner now.

Click HERE for their contact page and here’s a sample script for you to use (cut and paste):



We continue to support the Animal Services Dept’s plan to reduce the stray population by way of the “Be the way home” program. As the Tampa Times said “Ian Hallett deserves an opportunity to put his plan to work, and he should have the commission’s support in carrying out a policy the commission embraced on May 1, 2013

We recommend that the Commission understand that the plan is solid and that you don’t “prepare” for changes. We just want to recommend that the commissioners stand strongly behind this plan and give Ian a chance to do what he was given direction to do.

Thank you,

Your name

Your address

Your city, state zip




The Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT)

502 N. Gilchrist Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33606


Talking Animals Tomorrow!


Born Free USA Leader Offers Expertise On Wildlife Conservation, Captive Wild Animals, Sanctuaries, International Wildlife Trade
My guest July 17 on “Talking Animals”–airing 9am to 10am ETon Tampa NPR affiliate WMNF (88.5 FM)–will be Adam Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA.Roberts co-founded the organization in 2002 to bring the United Kingdom-based Born Free Foundation‘s message of compassionate conservation to the U.S. public.Roberts has expertise that traverses many areas of animal welfare, including wildlife conservation, captive wild animals, and international wildlife trade.

He’s also enormously knowledgeable about animal sanctuaries, having helped found, in 2007, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

The GFAS evaluates and accredits sanctuaries, using a “robust set of operational and species specific criteria,” and Roberts serves as president of the GFAS Board.

Adam Roberts speaks with us live on July 17


Please tune in 88.5 FM in Tampa, or online here 9am ET…6am PTAnd to join the conversation, you can call: 813.239.9663–or e-mail


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