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Volunteers Clear Weeds and Make Space for Angelica Bobcat



News: 10 days in jail not enough for torture of bobcat

I am writing in regard to the men who called themselves Maine Guides, former or current, it doesn’t matter. I have another word for them: evil (article, July 4).



To get only 10 days in jail for the torture and death of a bobcat is an absolute injustice. The terror and pain that poor animal went through is enough to make me sick. I wonder how many other animals they hurt like this in the past. These men are the type that prey on the weak and the sick. If there is any justice out there, maybe they will get to feel the same pain and fear that animal did.


They also trained dogs to be vicious. What happens if they get out around our pets, I wonder.


The judge who gave them a 10-day sentence should have given them a higher sentence. The laws should be changed to accommodate the crime. This was a terrible, mean and cruel thing to do. Therefore, it should have had the sentence to fit it. It definitely did not in this case.


I thought the animal abuse laws in Mainewere supposed to have gotten stronger, obviously not. Hunting with dogs should be outlawed altogether period.

Debra Williams Bingham July 20



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  • Charlene Boden

    Need to change the sentence to fit the crime. Doesn't matter if this was a bobcat or a person; sentence should be the same. They committed murder and they should get a life sentence or worse.


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