Today at Big Cat Rescue June 11 Bobtailed Kitten Rescue

Bobtailed Not Bobcats

Bobtailed, Not Bobcats


Bobtailed Not Bobcats
Bobtailed Not Bobcats

At 5PM a call came in from a ghetto area of Plant City. The caller said her kids had found two bobcat kittens nursing on their dead mother’s body. By 5:30 the new Toyota Tundra, who we call Moby since it is as big as a whale, was loaded down with carriers, nets and blankets because we just didn’t know what we would find.


Jamie and Dr. Justin rushed to the scene only to discover two bobtailed kittens being kept in a bird cage on the front porch of the modest little home. The floor was covered in dry cat food and there was an empty bag of frozen chicken on the ground. (I had told the caller that we would be putting them on a raw meat diet, so I guess she tried them out on it)


With rapp music blaring all around, Jamie and Dr. Justin called me to report that these were not bobcat kittens but that they looked like they were parasite infested and asked what they should do.


I told them to go ahead and rescue the traumatized little kittens and we would try to find a home for them.


I’m not sure Jamie and Dr. Justin are willing to give them up though as they are about the sweetest little darlings you would ever want to meet in cat suits.


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  • Shelley Bellor

    thanks for rescuing those cute babies…

  • Karen Gavin

    Take good care of them and give them lots of love. I would love to take them in but I live in CA so not possible.

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