Today at Big Cat Rescue June 15

Missouri the cougar has bone surgery by Dr Hay


Missouri cougar (age 15) broke the small bone near her ankle and Dr. Hay pinned and plated it yesterday.  She will be kept in a small recovery cage in between Alex bobcat and the Main Offices to restrict her walking until it has a chance to heal.

Indian Summer (age 23) was making that funny tongue motion because she had a big lump in her throat that probably felt the way something does when it gets stuck in your tonsils.  Dr Wynn aspirated the lump, which appears to be cancerous, so that it won’t bother her as much.  Her exam and blood work shows advanced heart disease, latter stage kidney failure and a plethora of other problems, but everyone who knows her knows that she never misses a meal so as long as she is feeling good and enjoying life we will give her supportive care.














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