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Cat Chat Show Notes


Here is the video ad for Drag Queen Bingo set for July 1 2013 at 7PM at 1600 E 7th Av Ybor City, FL and people need to RSVP at 813 241-MARY. also has these new videos:


How to use the Vox Tour system for people who have sanctuaries or museums.


Animal Observation Class - which is how we train our volunteers to look closely at the animals they care for so that they notice when something isn't quite right.


Rambo (Jungle Cat) Goes to the Vet - this one is short enough that you may want to show it, with the sound turned down, and we can talk about the BBC contacting us this week to film some episodes of our cats getting surgery and exceptional medical care.


Update on Rambo - He is doing better and back out in his Cat a Tat


Sanctuary improvements - Spent the last couple of weeks upgrading our Internet speeds from 50/20 to 75/35 and in some areas to 300/65


Building a Kitten Cabana - a big screened in porch so the kittens can get some fresh air and more room to play. There is some cute, kitten footage of our most recent rescue of 5 in a video that I hope to upload this morning on DailyBigCat.


Casino Night was in the same video as the kittens above and was a fundraiser put on by Charles Rutenberg Realty for us. We don't know how much that raised yet, but it was a full house and everyone had a great time.


CA Assembly Bill AB 1213 passed its first committee. It is a bill to protect bobcats from hunters. We should have a letter people can send up on our site later today.


This week Buttons the kitten got adopted, but Jamie, Justine and Julienne still need homes. We will be taking in Hagrid to be fixed tomorrow and he will need a home. We have 2 adults who need homes.


One is one of the cats who was rescued from Animal Services. It looks like someone hit her in the eye with a two by four and she has a splinter lodged in her eye. The injury had healed over before she came here, but not that her kittens are weaned, she will be spayed and while she is under they will remove the eye. She is a very scared, cream colored cat, who needs a lot of love and time to trust again.


All of the above cats are fixed, house broken and have their shots and can be adopted at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay 3607 North Armenia Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33607 813.876.7138


Another cat in need of a home is Isis. Someone dumped her at the sanctuary and she was almost killed by Cheetaro the Leopard, but one of our Interns rescued her. The Intern tried to adopt her, but this cat doesn't like other cats and so she can't keep her. This lucky cat needs a fur-ever home where she can be the only cat. She is fixed, housebroken and has her shots.


I just used an online tool at to create an app for Big Cat Rescue that will be available soon in iTunes and the Android store. It was created to be a training guide for our tour guides so they could learn the stories about all of our cats while walking around, but it serves as a virtual tour of the sanctuary. All 105 cats are in the app with their photos and bios in both text and audio.


We are working on the webcams around the property. I could use some advice here. I am finding that if I use a laptop with the C90 logitech cameras that they stay on via UStream, but if I use iPads they time out after about 4 hours, using the UStream app. It always says it is because I have reached my limit of recording time, but I don't want to be recording. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I am only hitting the broadcast button, but doing so always results in recording instead of just broadcasting. See for our 3 web cams.


I have a different kind of webcam in the hospital so anyone who wants to watch what is happening in there needs to send me their email address so I can invite them to the camera.


LaWanna Mitchell does a lot of the correspondance and posting on our Facebook and YouTube channels, but she is also the web mistress for our site which is full of games, puzzles, screen savers and stuff for kids to do for free. She works remotely from MO and will be visiting for 10 days, starting today, so she can build up her portfolio of cat photos and videos to use in her projects.


One of the things she is most known for, around the country, is our Child Safety ID kits. It is a kit she co brands with Big Cat Rescue and Sheriff's and Schools to keep kids safe. When a child is abducted the time you waste putting together photos, hair samples, DNA, etc. could cost the child their life. This kit makes it a fun project to make and keep updated so that those precious moments aren't wasted. It is also a great way to teach your kids about being safe in a non threatening way.


If you have ever seen the way that newspapers come to life in Harry Potter movies, we are investing in that technology for our Big Cat Times. We are testing it currently and if you are on our mailing list you are about to be wowed.


If you aren't on our mailing list, go to and in the right side bar you can register for an all expenses paid Animal Lover's Dream Vacation. That puts you on our mail list if you opt in. We never sell or share your info and only contact you about once a month with the latest news at the sanctuary and ways you can help save big cats.


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