Today at Big Cat Rescue May 23 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue May 23 2013



See some of the new rescues from Kansas as they settle in at dinner time, see photos of Lovey the bobcat being spayed and having a rotten tooth removed, check out a demonstration of all of our tranquilizer equipment and training with the volunteers on how to actually use the rifle, blowpipe and jab stick.  Watch us offload a new load of wire for the Vacation Rotation enclosure and randomly check in on tigers, servals, bobcats, Canada lynx and others.



Lions, Tigers & Bears


Chris Poole just created this video for Lions, Tigers and Bears


Fur Farm Rescue Kittens from 1995



Big Cat Rescue opposes the exotic pet trade. This video was taken of 22 kittens who were rescued from a Fur Farm in 1995. They had to be hand raised and that is why they are inside in some of the shots. The lion cubs, Mufasa and Sarabi, had been rescued from owners who were so stoned they were trying to force the cubs to drink curdled milk. These kittens were cute, but not one of them could be handled later in life because they grow up to be wild animals. Jack the housecat is still alive and well and lives with a Big Cat Rescuer. To find out more about our evolution…



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  • Sandra Greene

    Such beautiful animals!

  • Sandy Frazler

    Those babies were adorable! The Bobcats were getting the best of that poor lion cub.

  • Jennifer Moscatello

    Love it

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