Today at Big Cat Rescue May 7 2013


National Geographic Moment


I was talking to a reporter about the new arrivals and noticed that a baby Cardinal had fallen out of the tree and onto Mary Ann the bobcat’s jungle gym perch. The mother and father Cardinals were working desperately to lure Mary Ann away from the baby, so it could hop down to the ground outside her cage, but the baby was confused.




The baby wanted to watch the show from his perch on Mary Ann’s platform. Mary Ann was so intrigued with these crazy Cardinals, who were just taunting her in the opposite direction, that she never did notice the fledgling. She would pounce at one parent bird and the other would launch in to distract her away. She isn’t much of a hunter, it seems.


Naturally, I didn’t want to approach the baby bird, for fear of scaring it right down into the fray. The whole time the reporter is talking about her cats at home and is totally oblivious of what was unfolding in front of her. I didn’t point it out to her because I really didn’t want to see a baby Cardinal being snarfed down by a bobcat on the 6 o’clock news tonight. “Live, from Big Cat Rescue…” No, no, no.


In the end the baby ended up outside the cage and was being called by his parents away from the dangers of landing in bobcat cages.

Bobcat-Mary-Ann_2961 Bobcat-Mary-Ann_2966 Bobcat-Mary-Ann_3007 Bobcat-Mr-Howell_2953 Canada-Lynx_2970 Canada-Lynx_2972 Canada-Lynx_2974 Canada-Lynx_2979 Canada-Lynx_2984 Canada-Lynx_2988 Canada-Lynx_2990 Canada-Lynx_2992 Canada-Lynx_2997 Canada-Lynx_3000

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  • Donna Coffey

    OHHH how did you manage to keep your cool? At least it had a happy ending and hopefully those cardinals are nesting ELSEWHERE now! Whew!

  • Brigitte Latton Brdije

    Puhhh.. but happy ending! ūüôā

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