Today at Big Cat Rescue New Year’s Eve

Kitten Rescue



There’s an estimated 50 million stray cats in America! So when Big Cat Rescue staff spotted a stray kitten on Christmas Eve we decided to rescue the kitten and help make a difference!

Humane Society of Tampa Bay:












































Hopefully, you know we are kidding.

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  • Ulli

    Happy New Year to you and all the felines, too!
    Carole Baskin wrote an article for the Feline Nutrition Education Society
    “There’s No Kibble Served at the Big Cat Rescue”.
    Here’s a link
    So was that a lie???
    Or is felis catus not a “real cat”???
    I hope this was a one time incident.

    I am of course happy to see that you are feeding and caring for ALL cats in your proximity, and not turning them over to a “shelter” to be killed (often by baseball bat or gas, I will never understand why people call these places “shelter” in this country, where I come from it is unheard of to kill a dog or cat because they are “homeless”), or “re-locating” them to somewhere where “there’s a farm with a barn nereby, yaknow…” meaning to trap them at night and releasing them out in a field a few miles away knowing very well that most farmers will just shoot cats they consider “too many”.
    I could go on and on about how cats are treated in this world and especially in this country but for now I will only say this much:
    Please keep Kringle in your care for life and let her roam and climb trees and walk on grass just like Buddy.
    (And feed them real food!!! Mine love feeder chicks and dressed whole rabbits, just an example)
    Please don’t fall for any demands by the Audobon Society and American Bird Conservancy or other ailurophobes, instead read more Roger Tabor.
    Please don’t turn Kringle into another all American consumer product dragged around from adoption show to adoption show in a cage, maybe eventually being adopted by some human who a few years later can no longer care for her because of all the 300plus reasons they always come up with, Kringle then being either dragged around in a cage from show to show again or “put out in the wild” but without any skills of surviving outdoors.
    Yes, my former feral companion cats are also spayed and neutered, but IMHO the only species in this world that is hopelessly overpopulated, could really use some serious neutering, poses a real threat to all wildlife and nature and this planet, and therefore should better be kept “indoor only” is homo sapiens.

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