Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 20

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 20


Summary: October 19, 2011 Zanesville, OH: 56 lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, wolves, giraffes, camels and bears escaped from a the Muskingum County Animal Farm, and the owner Terry Thompson, who had just gotten out of prison was found dead there after shooting himself. Neighbor Danielle White, whose father’s property abuts the animal preserve, said she didn’t see loose animals this time but did in 2006, when a lion escaped. Thompson, who lived on the property, had orangutans and chimps in his home, but those were still in their cages. 18 tigers and 17 lions were shot to death because the owner had cut all of the doors off the cages to prevent their containment. A cougar is still at large.


The leading cause for so many lions and tigers to end up this way are people who pay to pose with them or play with them as cubs. They can only be used, legally, between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, so the exploiters have to breed a new litter every month to meet the demand. If people refuse to go see the newest cubs at zoos, fairs and in their neighbors back yards, this problem would die out of old age in the next 20 years. As we speak, cubs are being pimped by Joe Schreibvogel at the Northgate Mall in Cincinnati.


Facts and stats here:

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Take action here:

The alert above is the most effective action to take because petitions carry far less weight, but a supporter did create a petition for the anchor stores at the mall too and it is at the link below.  It would be a wonderful gift to the cats if you would take a moment to do both.

Rambo Jungle Cat yawns while waiting on the dinner wagons to arrive
Rambo Jungle Cat says "Please send a letter now at"
Jennifer handing out meds before the cats' dinner time
Jennifer handing out meds before the cats' dinner time
Jamie and Jennifer recap the day in passing on golf carts
Jamie and Jennifer recap the day in passing on golf carts



Local horsemen waited with anticipation on Thursday afternoon. They were waiting for a horse van coming in from Florida that contained special cargo. It wasn’t a famous stakes horse. It wasn’t a horse at all. It had 80 legs.


Eighty legs?


Those 80 legs belonged to 20 cats that were taken, rescued really, from Haven Acres Cat Rescue in Gainesville, Florida back in June.


Trainer Christine Janks has been actively involved for the last five months in the rescue and adoption of approximately 700 cats that were taken from that facility. The cats were living in deplorable conditions and were virtually feral.


Various humane organizations pooled their resources to spay, neuter, worm, vaccinate, and medicate every cat. Adoption fairs have been held and almost all the cats have been placed.


Trainers from Hawthorne stepped up to the plate and adopted 20 of these cats. Some were destined to be barn cats; some would be taken home. Barn cats, by the way, have a terrific life at the racetrack. They are well taken care of and they have the freedom to interact with people, horses, other animals, and they have warm offices to live in. They are generally pretty spoiled. Plus, they help control other little furry critters. They travel from track to track with their stables.


One expectant owner, Jan Ely, was waiting in the press box for the newest members of her family. Her new house cat, Moe, is a carrier of feline leukemia so he can’t be around other cats. She’s also adopting another for the barn.


Looked at the list of trainers and other track personnel adopting and it is impressive. These people work seven days a week, 365 a year, taking care of their horses and they are still able to make room in their lives to help another.


Hero is probably one of the most overused words in the English language and some would question its use here but, in this case, it just might fit.


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