Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 17

Skip the bobcat

Skip the Bobcat Has Died

Skip the bobcat

9/13/12 Skip was discovered having a violent and prolonged seizure and foaming at the mouth. Dr. Wynn was contacted and the staff were instructed to give him medication that would hopefully ease the seizure. Unfortunately his seizure was too severe and he died shortly after. Gale gave him chest compressions and Jamie gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation to try and revive him to no avail.

We searched his enclosure for snakes, poisonous frogs, and any other clues that may have caused this reaction. We found one dead toad with a hole in his abdomen and are working to identify it. We will be performing a necropsy to see if we can discover the cause of his death. Blood samples have been taken to Dr. Wynn. Jamie drove him to the University of Florida for a necropsy because of the concern for rabies, since he was foaming at the mouth and she was giving him CPR. He’s been vaccinated, but we have to take every precaution.20120919-132334.jpg



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  • Dena Clark

    Fare thee well, Prince Fuzzy Britches. Run free and be healthy again with baby Rufus on the other side of the Bridge!

  • Robert Duncan Florida Bobcat

    Skip helped me in my healing, my loss and to leave my Den licking my wounds. Always will be a place within me.

  • Marianne Boos

    I will always love you my Skip. You will always be in my heart and I will always recall how we called you Prince Fuzzy Britches. Rest in peace my little guy and enjoy running free.

  • Cindy Crowe

    Very sad to hear this….was really hoping he would live a safe, happy long life at BCR. Poor baby! Rest in peace little one…may you not be in pain any longer.

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