Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 26

Today at Big Cat Rescue Sept 26

Lots of “cool” stuff happening today. Check out the coolest here:

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…and a few photos:


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  • dominic mayo

    I have a question about the three tigers you are rescueing? Being a big fan of BCR, I learn a lot of my stuff by reading a ton of articles on the cite and many of the videos.
    Well, early today I recall watching a video on the rescue of Joseph’s Pride and it said that two tigers, Sierra and another, would be headding to the Wild Animal Orphanage in San Antonio. Now this was a while back, but do you know where they are going?

    • BCR

      Both of those tigers recently went to WildCatSanctuary .org and we believe will have a good home there.

      • dominic mayo

        That is awesome though it would have been cool for them to come to BCR, lol FAMILY REUNION!

        Anways, did they ever live with the other members of joesph’s pride?

        Also, kinda off topic, what are the three new tigers names and ages? I am such a FANATIC!!


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