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Florida Panther Kitten Raises New Hope


Three Mountain Lion CubsIn late January, a rehabilitated orphan Florida panther known as FP219 was released back into the wild. That alone is a happy story, but what makes it even more special is what biologists found a few months later — a kitten! FP219 had successfully adapted to living in the wild and was raising a healthy newborn! his kitten, dubbed K398, represents a hope for the future of Florida panthers and is a promising addition to the endangered species population!

These and other successes are the direct result of hard work that individuals, like you, fight for every day. I am continually inspired by your passion and dedication — you empower and renew our mission with every action you take, petition you sign, and support you offer.

From our team and from wildlife — a true and sincere thank you for all of your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. These stories and others are published and tracked weekly on our blog—designed specifically for you to stay up to date with what we do and to see how your actions affect wildlife on the ground and in the sea. Check it out at

Now They Want to Arrest YOU!

It’s hard to imagine that Big Agriculture could get any more extreme in defending factory farm abuse  but that is exactly what is happening right now.

We are currently facing a legal onslaught designed to keep their cruel practices hidden from the public.

That is why it is so important for you to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund today.

Controversial “ag gag” laws have made it a crime to go undercover and investigate factory farms. They’re trying to intimidate animal activists and stop them from collecting evidence of horrific and illegal abuse of animals. And now, the first animal rights activist in the nation (pictured right) was recently prosecuted under one of these laws in Utah.

This could have been you … or me … or anyone else who tries to protect defenseless animals. We cannotstand by and do nothing. ALDF is standing up for innocent animals and has spearheaded an historic lawsuit challenging Utah’s ag gag law as unconstitutional.

Please fight back against these cruel laws by making a generous contribution to Animal Legal Defense Fund today.

Make no mistake about it: Factory farms have good reason to keep their cruel practices hidden from public view. Shocking exposés from undercover investigations reveal severe animal abuse on factory farms. We’ve also seen:

  • Ammonia and pink slime in hamburgers.
  • Antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”
  • Chickens abandoned by the thousands to starve to death.

Ag gag laws not only endanger animals – they endanger all of us. Animal Legal Defense Fund needs your support today to fight back against these unconstitutional laws.

The public deserves the truth about billions of animals suffering on industrial farms … and whetherlaws are being broken that jeopardize consumer safety.

If ag gag laws like Utah’s are allowed to stand, animals on factory farms will be in greater danger of cruel and inhumane treatment than ever before – and our health will be at increased risk, too.

One thing is for certain. What happens next in Utah will be a game changer – which is why ALDF urgently needs your support today.

Utah is not alone. Missouri, Iowa and three other states have already passed similar ag gag laws – and 11 more states, including California, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, introduced bills in 2013 to obstruct animal rights investigations.

These laws would turn people who want to stop animal abuse into criminals. If these laws stand, mega-corporations could wipe out decades’ worth of anti-cruelty victories that we have fought so hard to win.

So please … make the most generous gift you can to Animal Legal Defense Fund today. Your gift will allow us to save defenseless animals and put criminals who abuse animals behind bars.

We can win this fight and defend the defenseless … but only with your help.


Stephen Wells

Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund

ALDF urgently needs your support to fight back against factory farms and powerful corporations who want to continue to abuse animals … and protect themselves with ag gag laws. Can I count on you to stand with me today as we defend the innocent and defenseless?

Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 24 2013

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