Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 26 2013

Sean Connery

Tiger Message from Sean Connery




Enjoy the artistic talents of these two people; a sketch artist drawing tigers and their cubs and a Sean Connery Im-Purr-sonator. Please share and ask your friends to take action at to save tigers.

Artists on are tonydemarco and enissay14


Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 26 2013

Sean Connery


by Jill Korfist, D.V.M.

The life of a veterinarian is not without stress which is why my husband, Chris, a High School  teacher and coach, and I were looking for a good quality multi-vitamin about two  years ago.  We needed a boost to our health.

A friend, client and fellow animal lover, Terrilee Jenks, introduced us to  Melaleuca and their Vitality Pak at a good time. I became one of her customers (now she has 400 +).  We enrolled without a full presentation. We took the vitamins and loved  them.

Four months later, I attended a product workshop in the Jenks’ home and  became aware of Melaleuca’s  other incredible products. I started using them and was very impressed.  Our home and my veterinary practice have not been the same since!

I use Melaleuca products whenever possible because I’ve found them to work  better and safer than the products we get through medical supply companies.

Here are some of the applications I’ve most often used on the animals in my  practice:

a.. MelaGel for “hot spots” (areas of moist bacteria dermatitis)

b.. Triple Antibacterial Ointment for burns and open wounds that can’t be  stitched closed

c.. Melaleuca Oil (T-C36-C5) for incision lines of contaminated wounds  (post surgery)

d.. Replenex for arthritis, post joint injury and for growing puppies  prone to Hip Dysphasia

e.. Provex Plus for animals with degenerative nerve diseases, allergies  and cardiovascular diseases

f.. Antibacterial Liquid Soap for my hands

g.. CellWise for animals on chemotherapy

Recently I treated Benny, a cat that had been mauled by a wild animal and had a very large wound that  could not be closed without expensive skin graft surgery. The clients could  not afford the surgery so I showed them how to clean the wound and had them apply Triple Antibiotic Ointment three times  a day. It never became infected and healed completely on its own within  four weeks.

I am a shy person by nature, never having sold anything and with no business  training. Now after my  firsthand experience with the products and observing the ethics of the  company, I have decided to  pursue Melaleuca as a business. I enroll about 2 customers per month and am  working towards becoming a Director III.

This is a business that helps people, with products that are kind to all  living things … and I like that. It also has become a vehicle for talking to people about  other topics which are important to me such as animal welfare, preventive medicine and
environmental concerns.


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