Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 24 2013

Christmas Eve at Big Cat Rescue



Amur Leopard Video



This made my day!


Office Makeovers at Big Cat Rescue



Chelsea’s new office


Gale’s new office


Jeff and Tigger’s office


Willow’s new office

When the floor began to give way in our office trailer, Scott Haller had to rip out the floors and start from scratch.  He found a wood floor product that is cheaper than vinyl and looks a lot nicer, so all of the offices and main conferencing areas and kitchen have new floors.  That inspired a lot of redecorating and spring cleaning and the images above are the results.


Bobcat Kitten Call!


Because we never want a bobcat to suffer needlessly, my phone number is easily accessible to anyone and everyone who thinks they have seen a Florida Panther or a Bobcat.  That means I am awakened at all hours of the day and night to take these calls.  This one woke me up yesterday morning; but thankfully they had photos to send, so I didn’t have to drive hours to find out if it was truly an orphaned bobcat kitten.



Probably not a bobcat, but check the next photo


Probably not a bobcat, but check the next photo


Probably not a bobcat, but check the next photo


Definitely not a bobcat, so I sent the caller the following image with an explanation of how to tell a bobcat from a domestic cat kitten.  ie:  Note the short tail and look for white patches on the backs of the ears.



How amazing that we have such tools at our disposal that a person can trap a feral cat, text me a photo and I can text them right back with an image snagged from the Internet to demonstrate what to look for?  It’s easy to see why they make have thought these kittens were bobcats, because the spotting looks just like a bobcat.


Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 24 2013



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