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A Canadian Favorite


Big Cat Rescue was featured in an Article about the top 14 Canadian Travel Destinations published on Flight Network's (Canada's #2 travel site) blog.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013
11:00am – 3:00pm
Mastro Subaru, 6402 W Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33634

Join our Mobile Adoption Center at Mastro Subaru for an afternoon of Holiday festivities! Not only will we have adorable adoptables, but you'll enjoy a live DJ, free BBQ and an opportunity to visit with Santa Paws! And, if you bring a donation of toys, food or treats to "Stuff The HSTB Subaru" you'll receive a free raffle ticket for some great prizes! Thank you to ASPCA and Subaru for sponsoring this event!

Event highlights:
Live DJ
“Stuff the Subaru”
Photos with Santa Paws and Mrs. Claus
Free Leashes & Collars with adoption
Free Tags
Free BBQ & Baked Goodies
Face Painting for Kids
Free Raffle with great prizes

Saturday, December 14, 2013
11:00am – 1:00pm
Humane Society of Tampa Bay, 3607 N. Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607

Jolly Old St. Nick will be paying a visit to our precious pets. He'll be at our Gazebo for one day only (he IS a busy man) and would love to hear what is on your pets' Christmas lists. We KNOW they've all been nothing but NICE this year ♥ Photos are $10 and provided by Photography by Norman Mark.

Event highlights:
$10 Photos with Santa for pets and children; photos printed on site

Pick From Our Giving Tree: while waiting for your own photo, pick a photo of one of our pets off the tree. Donate $1-$10 for that pet and get a special treat to share with them! Our pets will love the treats, but will be even more excited to get a quick visit from you!

Holiday decorations and festivities

Adoptions at the shelter
Marketing Coordinator

Humane Society of Tampa Bay
3607 N Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607


Great American Teach In Success


Nice feedback from one of the schools we attended:




I must tell you how impressed we all were with the presentation Meredith Pannino provided for the students today. Adults even came out of their offices to listen!!! She was wonderful and she did it in spite of problems with our technology. Please let her know the students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and we really appreciate your generosity in sending a volunteer to our school.


There is buzz going around of perhaps an end of the year field trip and we are still trying to raise funds for a donation to the program. We are not a rich demographic so it is slow in coming. Looking forward to see you soon.




Yvonne Sell

ESE Teacher Grades 7th & 7.5

Pro Ed Facilitator


How Can I Stop Canned Lion Hunting?


This is from one of our friends in South Africa:


I think Melissa Bachman  is one of the most destructive people I have had the displeasure to come across.

She and others like her have systematically destroyed nature at its finest and have the cheek to sit over the victim with stupid grins on their faces.  They are the worst kind of persons, thinking that they have the right to take a life for fun.  They have killed more wildlife than I have seen in my 65 years of life.  What a disgrace.


In March 15th – 2014 -, there will be a coordinated protest campaign in certain cities around the world to protest the failure of conservation authorities to ban canned hunting.  If the march is in your city please go. Keep watching here for details.


You can also go to these petition sites and sign:


Lastly below is a draft letter (please make it personal if you have time) we would like you to send to the government addresses listed below.  It is time that we, as caring individuals, make ourselves heard.  Lets make them hear us.

All the best





To whom it may concern.

We refer to your failure to ban the despicable practice of canned hunting.  Canned Hunting is any hunt where the target animal is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter either by physical constraints such as fencing or by mental constraints such as being hand reared and habituated to humans.  It follows that any hunt of a captive bred animal is a canned hunt. It also follows that virtually all sport and trophy hunting in South Africa is canned to a greater or lesser extent.

Quite apart from the unacceptable cruelty which is the business model of the whole industry, is the threat to wild lion populations from the growing lion bone trade to Asia.

We ask you to take meaningful steps to bring this sordid industry to an end before it wrecks our legitimate tourism industry, and causes regional extinction of wild lion populations.

Canned hunting is an out-dated, cruel blood sport that lacks ethical sportsmanship and does not foster conservation of endangered species in the wild. It most definitely reflects poorly on our culture and should be considered a crime against society, humanity and nature. To shoot a confined, tame animal and call it recreational hunting and conservation is simply ludicrous; this is not science, this is not conservation, this is not species survival.  It is wanton destruction.


Kind regards




Send to:

These are all the emails from below so you can copy and paste for your convenience.  I have left the list so you can see who your emails are going to.;;;;;;;;;;;;

Management Authorities / Autoridades Administrativas / Organes de gestion


Ms Olga Kumalo
Department of Environmental Affairs


Mr Mpho Tjiane
Department of Environmental Affairs

Scientific Authorities / Autoridades Científicas / Autorités scientifiques


The Chief Executive: CapeNature
Fauna, Flora, CITES & Hunting



The Chief Executive Officer
KwaZulu Natal Wildlife


The Chief Executive Officer
Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency


The Head of Department
Free State Department of Tourism, Environmental and Economic Affairs


The Head of Department
Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment


The Head of Department
Northern Cape Department of Tourism, Environment and Conservation


The Head of Department
Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism


The Head of Department
Eastern Cape Department of Economic Affairs, Environment and Tourism


The Head of Department
North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment

All correspondence to the Scientific Authority should be addressed to


Department of Environmental Affairs


Chair of the Scientific Authority
Mr John Donaldson

Enforcement Authorities / Autoridades de observancia / Autorités de lutte contre la fraude


Ms Sonja Meintjes
Department of Environmental Affairs


Mr Phillemon Mosana
Department of Environmental Affairs



CITES Secretary General - John Scanlon –(The Big Boss)



Chief, Legal Affairs & Trade Policy - Marceil Yeater –



Chief, Enforcement Support - Ben Janse van Rensburg –(Hmmm, South African???)



Chief, Scientific Services - David Morgan –



Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan
Campaign Against Canned Hunting, Sec 21 NGO
Co-authors of:
Kalahari Dream
For the love of Wildlife

Clouded Leopards for Sale in Africa


Clouded Leopard Cubs For SaleWhile walking along the main road I noticed a Styrofoam box which was covered by a white rice sack and there was movement under the sack, I lifted it and found two baby clouded leopards. I took them out and played with them and we managed to film this setting for a few minutes before the owner appeared grabbed the cubs and threw them back in the box covered them up and carried the box away.

While filming, our guide/translator was approached by a lorry driver who had his vehicle parked nearby and had watched the scene. He came to tell us that if we were interested in wild cats and small cubs he knew a place where two small tigers were for sale.  Read the rest of this disturbing tale...

Updated 8/21/15:  This link no longer appears to go to the rest of the story though. It was an article that talked about how these endangered cats were openly traded in Africa.


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