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iPad Mini Winner

Win an iPad Mini on


When I was on Facebook, I was browsing the different groups and foundations that had Facebook pages. One of those foundations that caught my eye was Big Cat Rescue. They are a legitimate foundation located in Florida that offer a good service to big cats like tigers, lions, and other big cat species.

When I went on their Facebook page, I noticed that they had a promotion. The promotion was a chance to win a free iPad mini by scanning the Front Flip code that they showed on the page. It really did not hurt to try so I scanned the code.

I am used to getting “sorry” on the scratch card games. But when I scanned the code and scratched the card on the Big Cat Rescue Front Flip app, it said I won an iPad mini!

The first time I scanned that code I won the iPad mini!

Of course, I thought that this was a scam since no one can really win things for free. So I contacted the CEO of Big Cat Rescue through email. I sent screen shots of the winning confirmation code. I then received an email back in as little as an hour. The CEO gave me her phone number so I decided to call her myself and make sure that this was not a scam. So I called the CEO and she knew exactly who I was because I kept bugging her on the legitimacy of the free iPad.

She reassured me that this was no scam and that all she needed was my address to send the iPad mini to. She did not ask for a credit card so my suspicions went down. She even asked what color I wanted! She told me that she would go to the Apple store the next day and pay for the fastest delivery possible.

I never win anything so winning this iPad mini meant a lot to me. I live on the other side of the country and I asked if the distance from here to Florida would effect me from receiving the iPad. I received the iPad in just 2 business days and I was so happy that I did not have to wait soooooooo long for it to arrive.

Now, I use my iPad very often and I use it at school for notes and I use it for homework. Winning this iPad really changed my life because it was free and it made my life easier. Thank you big cat rescue for helping a student succeed in school!  Herman S.

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