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Big Cat Walkabout Oct 2013



Come along with Carole Baskin as I show you our recently completed Kitten Cabana for foster kittens, see Vern, Chuck and Scott talk about finishing the Vacation Rotation "curtain" that makes the 2.5 enclosure cat safe for just about any species of exotic cat.

See Babbs planting some beautiful plants around the property with volunteers.

Watch Gale lead a project building a rehab cage for Fencer along w/ interns and volunteers. See Jen doing enrichment with some of the volunteers and a lot of the cats.

Then walk around to visit with Bobcats: Angelica, Angie, Lil White Dove, Little Dove, Levi, Precious, Mary Ann, Thurston, Lovey, Tommie Girl, Moses, Bailey, Andi, Sierra, Cherokee. Leopards: Cheetaro, Jade, Armani, Jumanji, Simba and Nyla. Canada Lynx: Gilligan. Siberian Lynx: Natasha. Caracal: Rusty. Hybrids: JoJo and King Tut. Geoffroy Cat: Nico takes a long bath. Ocelots: Amazing Grace and Nirvana. Tigers: Zabu and TJ. Cougars: Cody, Tobi and Aspen Echo. Lion: Cameron. Sand Cat: Canyon. Servals: Ginger, Nala, Frosty, Kalihari, Zouletta and Zimba... and a whole lot more.



Animal Lovers Dream Vacation Winners Amy and Mario Godwin

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  1. Steve Cappiello

    October 22, 2013 at 2:53 am

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. I've been following BCR for years and I might finally be able to visit this year just before Christmas. Thanks for what you do for the cats.

  2. Sherri Seldon

    October 27, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Loved the walkabout, but I hear birds in the background. What kids of birds are those that you guys have hanging around BCR?

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