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The Lion Ark movie is opening at the film festivals and this is your chance to be one of the first to see the “feel good movie of the year”!

More action adventure style than traditional documentary, Lion Ark tells the story of the undercover investigations, the lobbying, the law and enforcement of the ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. Circuses that defy the new law are tracked down, animals saved and a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom.

This is a hugely important film for raising awareness about the suffering of animals in traveling circuses and it shows how laws can be enforced. And for a change, the animals win!

Early reviews say: “Lion Ark is the feel-good movie of the year!”  (Reel Talk); "one of your must-see films of 2013”  (The Independent Critic); "A consciousness-raising milestone of a documentary”  (The Ecologist); “will restore some faith in humanity."  ("A deeply important film about bravely taking a stand against animal cruelty."  (FatFreefilm).  Read more Lion Ark reviews

See the Lion Ark Trailer here:


October 5th (Saturday) 2pm: 
US Premiere Mill Valley Film Festival: at CinéArts Sequoia, Mill Valley, (Bay Area), CA.
With special introduction from actress Jorja Fox.  
Tickets $14 plus applicable fees. Book online or by phone at 877 874 6833

October 6th (Sunday) 3.30pm: 
San Diego Film Festival  at Reading Theater, 701 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets $14 plus applicable fees. Book online.

October 8th (Tuesday) 3pm:
Mill Valley Film Festival (2nd screening) at CinéArts Sequoia in Mill Valley, CA.
Tickets $14 plus applicable fees. Book online or by phone at 877 874 6833

October 12th (Saturday) 5pm: 
Hawaii International Film Festival, Honolulu.

October 13th (Sunday) 11am:
Hawaii International Film Festival, Honolulu.

Further screenings are to planned for Los AngelesNew YorkColorado and Florida before the end of the year, details will be announced here


To make sure that film festival visitors come to see Lion Ark and to get the attention of industry representatives to consider Lion Ark for general release, WE NEED HELP with –

  • Handing out leaflets to festival visitors
  • Helping with the Lion Ark information table and screening
  • Taking our leaflets to local restaurants and other business near the festival venue

It’s fun and easy! You get to see Lion Ark for free! AND do something great for the animals!

To sign up, please email Amanda Hudson:

All Lion Ark screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with the rescue team and filmmakers – so I look forward to seeing you there!

Jan Creamer signature BLUE

Jan Creamer


Lions and Tigers in Lebanon Need Homes



We are looking for possible placement with you of two adult lions and two adult tigers that we are in the process of removing form a private zoo.

A wildlife vet from France has seen these animals about two years ago to vaccinate and provide care advice. This zoo had a cheetah and third tiger which have since died.

The leader of the political group from that area helped in convincing the owner to give up a chimpanzee in 2012, and we were informed a couple days ago that he is ready to give up the lions and tigers and be done with exotic animals.

Previously we sent lions to the Drakenstein sanctuary near Capetown but they do not have available space at this time. I have contacted the European Association of Rescue Centers and Born Free Foundation but still no definite 'yes' for any sanctuary.

You posted earlier about these lions we rescued some years ago -

I was hoping you might have some possibilities even if not all animals go to the same sanctuary.

We will cover all costs to get them to the nearest international airport, and have no problem arranging the necessary permits and vet procedures. I am attaching a picture of the two lions and am trying to go on the weekend to get pictures of the tigers and check the health.

There is no real rush as the animals are there and secure enough, but it does start raining in October and November which makes it more difficult as it is at the bottom of a deep valley with gravel and dirt path. We will need to move each animal up this path separately in the back of a pickup truck.

Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if I can provide any other information that would help.



Jason Mier

Executive Director

+961 1 751 678


Note:  We referred him to our friends in Spain and Africa from AAP but they are full as well.  Right now there are 3 cougars and 5 lynx looking for a home and more calls every day as the bad guys try to unload their breeders before new laws ban them from breeding for pay to play schemes.


Howard Tries Film Making



Vern, Chuck and Scott using a lift to place the roof on our safety entrance and lock out areas of the Vacation Rotation cage.  Nice job Howie.  Note: Turn your camera on its side to get the right screen fill.

We are delighted to announce that the world premiere of Lion Ark – the film about how Bolivia’s circus industry was closed down, all the animals saved and 29 lions were airlifted to sanctuaries in the United States – is in London on 1st October.

Lion Ark has been officially selected to screen at Raindance, Europe’s largest independent film festival.  Tickets go on sale today and numbers will be limited.


Lion Ark – World Premiere

Tuesday, 1 October 4pm

With special introduction by actor Brian Blessed

Vue Piccadilly (Apollo), 19 Lower Regent Street, London SW1Y 4LR


Buy tickets now on 08712 240242


Lion Ark has been made in more of an action adventure style to appeal to a wide audience. But in this documentary, the animals win. It will leave you smiling.  It is also a huge opportunity to raise awareness about the suffering of animals in circuses, but the audience will be kept interested in the story, while they learn the reasons not to visit the animal circus.  We need your help for this important launch to get Lion Ark out to the public.


What reviewers have been saying about Lion Ark:

“one of your must-see films of 2013..”

The Independent Critic


“Lion Ark is the feel-good movie of the year!”

Reel Talk

 "A consciousness-raising milestone of a documentary”

The Ecologist

 “will restore some faith in humanity."


“Lion Ark will grab your attention and your heart”

CMR Movie Reviews & News

“... heartwarming, beautiful and inspirational.   It reminds you of the majestic power of documentary filmmaking and its ability to stir true emotion.”

Shock Cinema Magazine


"A deeply important film about bravely taking a stand against animal cruelty."



Eye for Film

 “ AMAZING! Viewers will be crying tears of joy throughout….”

International Animal Welfare Examiner

This is your chance to be there as the Lion Ark takes off for the first time.  Book your tickets right now.

Watch the Lion Ark trailer here

Read the reviews here

Follow Lion Ark on Facebook here


See you on October 1st!

Jan Creamer

Chief Executive

Nikki McQueen To Discuss The Passing Of A Pet, The Grief, Impact on The Family, More In Advance of Forum Tied to National Pet Memorial Day

My guest Sept. 4 on "Talking Animals"--airing 9am to 10am ET on Tampa NPR affiliate WMNF (88.5 FM)--will be Nikki McQueen, vice-president of Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes And Cremation Tribute Center, based in St. Petersburg, FL.

Her work for Anderson-McQueen encompasses serving as a pet funeral director. In that capacity, McQueen will be a featured speaker on a forum Sept. 7 at Stetson College of Law Center in Gulfport, FL.

The forum is pegged to National Pet Memorial Day, Sept. 8, and second in a series on end-of-life issues from the Emerson Forum.

In her presentation, McQueen will describe the common grief shared by pet owners and families in dealing with the death of loved ones--both human and animal.

Another speaker will be veterinarian Dr. Dani McVety, the founder of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospital--and a guest on "Talking Animals" in January of 2012--who will deliver a talk entitled "What We Can Learn About Life From The Death Of A Pet."

Nikki McQueen speaks with us live, in studio, on Sept. 4

Please tune in 88.5 FM in Tampa, or online here 9am ET...6am PT

And to join the conversation, you can call:813.239.9663--or e-mail

Thank you!

Kind Regards,
Duncan Strauss
Talking Animals

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