Trap Fails To Catch Monitor Lizard In Edgewood Neighborhood

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Trap Fails To Catch Monitor Lizard In Edgewood Neighborhood


POSTED: 11:12 pm EDT October 8, 2007

UPDATED: 7:23 am EDT October 9, 2007


EDGEWOOD, Fla. — A three to four-foot monitor lizard was still on the loose in an Edgewood neighborhood, Tuesday. Animal control officers were hoping they could catch the potentially dangerous reptile in a trap, but another animal fell for the bait instead.



Dozens of residents stood outside their Edgewood homes in disappointment. Chicken eggs weren’t enough to lure a monitor lizard inside a trap at the bottom of tree, but it was enought to catch a small raccoon.


Edgewood‘s police chief said Animal Control officers were trying to catch the lizard, which looks like a baby alligator. It escaped officers by crawling up the tree in Robin Adams’ mother’s backyard.


"Everyone is worried about the kids. It’s scary. I wouldn’t bring the dog out," said Adams.


For almost a year, the lizard has been blamed for the disappearance of several small pets. The reptiles can also be dangerous to humans. Their bites can cause infections. However, residents don’t believe this was the only monitor lizard in the neighborhood.


Homeowners have spotted at least two of the reptiles and killed them.


"We don’t even let my daughter go out on the patio and play because of the lizards and it eating pets," said resident Randall Figueredo.


Animal Control officers set a trap with chicken eggs inside to get the lizard come down from the tree. Residents said they hope it will take the bait.


"I think now we’ve located them. We know where they are, I think its going to be a lot easier to get them," said Drummond.


Animal Control hoped to catch the lizard by Tuesday morning.


The African Nile Monitor can grow to seven feet long. Its sharp teeth and claws, make it dangerous. It’s also known to have a very aggressive temperament with a powerful bite, and can lash people with its tail.


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