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Big Cat Rescue started with the rescue of a single lynx in 1992 which led to the rescue of more than 100 lynx from US Fur Farms.

Being captive born and raised, they can never go free. One of the biggest challenges we have faced in caring for them at is to find ways to alleviate the boredom of being caged. We have found that they love to paint.

Science is proving ever more that we have far more in common, than we thought before, with all animal life. We all have a desire to live free, to choose our own mates, raise our own young and vivaciously pursue life to its fullest.

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that they experience joy, loneliness, pain, and fear. They express it in their eyes, their voices and their behavior.

Maybe I am biased because I know these cats and did not know the other great artists featured here, but I think the lynx have produced much more beautiful works of art.

And yet, under current law, they can be killed, skinned and their fur sold to unsuspecting buyers because it can legally be marked as faux or not labeled at all.

Most people do not want to wear dead animals and the fur industry knows that and exploits a loop hole that allows them to deceive the public.

There is a federal bill called the Truth in Fur Labeling Act that will close that loop hole. You can help get this bill signed into law. Go to and find a quick and easy letter to send your lawmaker today.

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