UK Campaign for Real Pet Food

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UK Campaign for Real Pet Food

The UK is doing it, why can’t the US?

Pet owners in the UK have one up on pet owners in the US. Compliments of pet food expert and education advocate Joe Inglis, and some British celebrities and business owners, the Campaign for Real Pet Food is taking pet food education to the pet people all across England. This is a fantastic plan and benefit to UK pet owners; what a shame US and Canadian pet owners don’t have the same opportunity.

The Campaign for Real Pet Food begins August 31, 2008 in London. Dr. Inglis – a practicing veterinarian – wants the law to force pet food manufacturers to list detailed ingredients on packaging so owners know what they are giving pets. He states: “I passionately believe that pets deserve good quality, natural food – and pet owners deserve openness and honesty from pet food manufacturers. As a practicing vet I know that diet is the number one factor in pets health, and pet owners really need to understand what is in their pets food if they are going to feed them healthy.” His goal is two fold; one is to change the way people think about their pet’s diet and two is to bring awareness to the public on pet food laws.

The Campaign for Real Pet Food is NOT backed by a pet food manufacturer as the look-alike ‘Feeding is Believing’ campaign put on by Science Diet that began recently in the US. The UK campaign is backed by some pet loving British celebrities; thus it’s providing pet owners with unbiased, uninfluenced information on dog foods and cat foods. Dr. Inglis also has plans for a one of a kind feeding trial using a group of 30 dogs, in training for the hearing impaired. One half of the dogs will be fed high quality pet food free of chemicals, dyes, and inferior ingredients and the other half will be given food with additives. The behavior and performance of both groups of dogs will then be assessed.

The UK pet food market is worth $1.6 billion a year to manufacturers versus $16.9 billion in the US. Just imagine the effect a similar program could have in the US and Canada. Millions and millions of US and Canadian pet owners could learn unbiased information about pet food ingredients; the real truth about chemical preservatives and what by-products really are, not what pet food advertising tells them. Imagine if some US pet owning celebrities or a non-pet food corporation, wanting to build goodwill and customer loyalty for their own company, chose to support such an effort in the US and Canada. The 74 million US and 10 million Canadian pet loving homes could be exposed to and learn about healthy options for their dogs and cats. Millions could perhaps enjoy their pets for years longer and save money on vet bills treating illness associated with poor nutrition. Perhaps even millions of pets could be saved from euthanasia. Many pets are turned over to animal shelters because owners can’t handle the behavior problems that might be linked to poor nutrition or can’t afford the treatment costs of an illness associated with poor nutrition.

Many of the most popular US television shows started in the UK; why not this program that could benefit millions of US and Canadian pet owners? We’ve got many celebrities that love pets and support all types of pet causes; how about the cause of learning about good nutrition? Furthermore, there are many corporations that donate to pet causes (other than pet food companies); if a company wanted some ‘love’ from 80+ million US and Canadian homes…how about helping pet owners learn how to feed their pets healthy?

For any celebrity or corporation ‘out there’ listening (ok, reading), one thing that pet owners are, is loyal. We learn it from our pets. Customer loyalty to any product or company is hard sought these days, but be assured, when ya do something good for somebody’s pet, we remember your name.

So, who’s listening out there? Who’s paying attention? Who’s going to step up and back an effort to help US and Canadian pet owners learn about good nutrition for their furry family members? A very beneficial and interesting side effect of pet families learning about good nutrition habits for their dog and cat, is learning about good nutrition for themselves. Many pet owners that have learned the benefits of antioxidants, probiotics, omegas, and chelated minerals in their pet’s food, have changed their own diets as well. Any method to learn about good nutrition, scientifically proven benefits of good nutrition, is a great thing. A program like the UK program here in the US and Canada is a win/win; pets and people benefit.

The existing pet food laws need to be changed; pet owners need to be informed that many potentially dangerous ingredients are common to dog foods, cat foods, and pet treats. The current pet food laws allow that. Perhaps if more pet owners knew the truth, perhaps something could change. That ‘something’ would benefit many.

If you work for or own a company that would like to be part of a US and Canadian effort for Campaign for Real Pet Food, please contact me. Let’s give US and Canadian pet owners the same benefit UK pet owners are about to experience!

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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