Using big cats in little cages is NOT education

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Using big cats in little cages is NOT education


Hernando Today Letters to the Editor


Published: Sep 14, 2007


Last year after more than 5,000 letters of protest about big cats on the Fairgrounds, we were told that big cats wouldn’t be at the fairgrounds any more, and as a result you did not allow the tigers to be displayed, but then made an exception for the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission to exhibit an obviously stressed cougar. Small children were witnessed taunting the cat and sticking things in the cage.

This is NOT education. There is no reason to be displaying big cats in little cages at the Florida State Fairgrounds.


Seeing these magnificent animals in unnatural settings does nothing to educate the public. On the contrary, when people see big cats being led on leashes or kept like trophies it encourages them to want one of their own. Eighty-five percent of the big cats that are discarded are from the pet and entertainment/education industries.


Wild animals were never meant to be used as props. Please let me know that you are going to make the State Fairgrounds a place that I can go without being in danger and without being exposed to the inhumanity of displaying any exotic cats in cages. Thank you for your time in the matter.


Jacquelyn Mello 508-558-3494

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