Video by Marissa 2008

Video by Marissa 2008

Dear Big Cat Rescue Supporters,

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My name is Marissa, and I have been an avid supporter of Big Cat Rescue for several years. I am always trying to make a difference, for both cats in captivity and those in the wild.

Recently, I was contacted by an assistant professor at a school in Hong Kong through YouTube. He wanted to use one of my videos for the unit that he was coordinating, called “English through Debating”. The video he was referring to is a video about why exotic cats and other wild animals shouldn’t be kept as pets. One of the topics for the debate focuses on this subject and he wanted to use the video as stimulus for discussion.

Of course, I agreed to let him use my video. Now, thousands of secondary students in Hong Kong will see the video, and hopefully most will realize that owning exotic animals is cruelty.

As “payment” for allowing my video to be used, he also offered to make a donation to the organization of my choice. I chose Big Cat Rescue!

Now, many people will be able to see why it’s not right to own exotics as pets, and Big Cat Rescue will also be receiving a donation, so they can continue to help cats in need.

Educating others about cruelties surrounding animals is key in eventually stopping them. The more people that know exotic pet ownership is wrong, the more awareness there will be. As more and more people begin to understand, fewer people will purchase exotic animals or support those that sell them to the public. By spreading the word, we can help stop the abuse of exotic animals in the pet industry.

If I can do something like this, you can too! You can do so many things to help animals- create videos like I have, tell everyone you know about why owning exotics is wrong, and always support places that are also trying to spread the word, like Big Cat Rescue. No matter who you are, or where you are from, you can make a difference- both for the cats at Big Cat Rescue, and other cats worldwide!



The video can be found on this account:



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