Video Interview with Tiger Attack Victim – Big Cat Rescue WI

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Tiger attack victim speaks

Updated: Saturday, 30 Oct 2010, 9:41 AM CDT

Pictures of tigers, lions, several cats and three Savannah monitor lizards fill Jon and Emily Meeker’s Baraboo home. But their love for animals has temporarily taken a back seat to medical equipment. Their kitchen looks like a mini E-R.

Last week, Jon was bitten by a six-hundred pound Siberian tiger named Kahn. The 38-year-old was volunteering at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs when the animal latched on to his shirt and bit his arm.

Meeker, who was released from the hospital on Tuesday, has 53-stitches and two pins holding a bone in place.

His wife, Emily, changes his bandages twice daily and for the next several weeks he’ll be hooked up to an I-V full antibiotics to help fight off infection. Plus, he’ll have to undergo physical therapy and cosmetic surgery.

” I feel extremely lucky to have walked away from this, ” says Meeker. ” I harbor no hard feelings. None what so ever. There was nobody at fault. It was just a freak happening. “

Emily is thankful her husband walked away and she says the family is coping the only way they now how; By using humor.

They’ve even had the word “chew toy” added to the sleeve of one of his t-shirts.

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